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A guide to riding a motorbike in London

Biking, regardless of which part of the world you are in, is a test of endurance. And like any adventure, it comes with a considerable amount of risk too. Bikers in the UK have travelled across some of the best roads in the region, and each one of them has a unique story to tell. Before you plan to sell your bike in London, here are some of the best experiences that London has to offer. Embarking on these travels might even give you a chance to meet other bikers who will gladly buy your bike and treat it with the respect it deserves!

Best roads in London

From winding hillside roads to highway straights, London is home to some of the best roads that the UK has to offer. Regardless of what you own, whether it is a superbike or a powerful cruiser, some of these roads will provide an experience that will be exhilarating and enriching at the same time.

  • A4 road: From Newbury to Chippenham

This major road is wide and boasts of a number of long straights, making it a great ride for superbikes and high-speed cruisers. Police presence along the A4 is almost unheard of and speed camera signs are few and far between. The road is quiet and the traffic is minimal, and the route offers some breath-taking scenery if you are willing to take your eyes off the road! It takes a little more than an hour to travel if you maintain a comfortable pace, and the many towns you pass along the route offer good stops. There are a few tight corners and junctions, but aside from that, this route is a great experience for any biker!

  • A3 and A272 roads: Aldershot to Haywards Heath

The travel from Aldershot to Haywards Heath can either take you through Guildford Midhurst depending upon which route you take. Regardless of the path, the travel takes at least a good three hours on a bike, and the route offers a number of corners and straights through picturesque towns. The Hindhead tunnel and some scary drop-off soon after you cross Fernhurst will give you your dose of adrenaline while the straights through the West Sussex country side is as serene as ever. There are many pubs and cafés along the way that make great stops for your travel.

Most popular biker stops in London

The life of a biker lies beyond the road, in pubs, cafés and hangouts that offer great food, ambiance and entertainment for the traveller. Given below are some of the most popular meeting places for bikers in London.

  • 59 Club

Located off 387a Barking Road in Plaitow, the 59 Club is one of the best known biker membership clubs in the UK. It was founded by John Oates in 1959 and is still one of the best meeting places for bikers in London. They offer a wide range of good food and drinks and invite anyone who has a passion for bikes.

  • The Market Porter

The Market Porter is a pub located off 9 Stoney Street in London. It offers great food and service to all guests, and is a preferred meeting spot for many bikers in the region. The Market Porter attracts people from all walks of life, and most guests prefer standing outside the pub, regardless of the type of weather.

  • Ace Cafe

Located off North Circular Road, in Stonebridge, Ace Cafe offers excellent food and drinks in a friendly atmosphere. Although this place is swarming with bikers and the ambiance is aimed towards petrol-heads, it is a great place for anyone who enjoys good food and activity.

Weekly biker meets in London

There are many places in London that host weekly meetings for bikers to serve the large community of bikers that travel to the city from all around UK and even from Europe. Given below are some of the most well-known weekly hangouts for bikers in London.

  • Box Hill and Ryka’s Cafe

Situated off Old London Road in Surrey, Box Hill and Ryka’s Cafe welcomes bikers from all around the country. There are a number of good local rides that bikers can enjoy and the menu is comprehensive and varied, although the primary focus is on the burgers. Wednesday nights are dedicated to bikers, but nearly every Sunday during the summers sees a large influx of bikers.

  • Broadlakes Social Club

Broadlakes Social Club is situated in London Colney. It is a simple cafe that serves a variety of foods to all their guests. The club is a popular meeting spot for a number of bikers because of its proximity to the M25 and friendly ambience.

Camping for bikers

Bikes have been symbols of freedom since a long time. So why not exercise some of it and go for a camping trip with your bike? Yes, it is a lot easier to spend a night at a hotel, but good accommodation is hard to find when you are nowhere close to a town or a city. Some of the tips given below will help you enjoy a camping trip with your trusty motorcycle.

  • Plan the route

The first step to your trip is a good plan. Look for destinations and routes that have plenty of cafes, eateries, fuel pumps and other such places that will be useful during a trip.

  • Be prepared

Once you have decided on the route you will take, it is time to start building an inventory of things you will need during your travel. That would include travel guide, sunglasses, tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mattress, food and other valuables.

  • Look out for biker camp-sites

There are some camp-sites that specifically allow people who arrive on bikes, and these places are generally livelier than the others! The Riverside Camping Park that is situated in Devon, for instance, is one such site that provides a wide range of facilities including on-site shops, bar, showers, laundry facilities and even Wi-Fi.

A motorcycle gives you the ability to explore the terrain in your region and enjoy the experience of travelling through thin trails that cut through the wilderness just as much as the wide highways that connect cities. While selling your motorcycle, make sure that the buyer shares your passion for the machine so that you know that it is serving someone with the same dedication that it has served you. In the end, it is the journey that matters!

The natural enemy of a biker when riding in London!

Bees, it was last recorded in 2012 that the population of bees had rose from just over 1600 colonies to nearly 3500 this is due to a business in Holborn, Bloomsbury and St Giles, so if you are biking around these areas look out for large amounts of bees. If you are riding near Richmond be aware of the park, it houses 100’s of wild red and fallow deer in its 2500 acres, it a great day out but the odd deer has known to be wandering across the local roads.

Pigeons, pigeons, pigeons! We are not exactly sure how many pigeons there are in London, it’s rumoured to be around 6 million, be aware, these stupid animals have no fear being so humanised and will happily fly close to bikers!

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