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Sell my motorbike in Loughborough

Sell my motorbike in Loughborough

A guide to riding your motorbike in Loughborough

Loughborough is a borough of Leicestershire and home to the Loughborough University. Being a University town, you can expect your fair share of young people drawn to bikes. There are a number of biking routes, clubs, service centres, and other resources that can help you with everything related to bikes. The town is also situated in a location that is surrounded by endless greenery, waiting to be chewed up with your bike. There are a number of pubs and other cafes along the roads as well. If you want to sell your bike in Loughborough, make sure the next one you buy is an upgrade. There are literally thousands of types of bikes spread out over a number of classes. Here is a quick roundup of the things you may want to know before saddling up.

A guide to riding your motorbike in Loughborough

Biking club in Loughborough

 The group is a small gathering of bikers and enthusiasts who organise and participate in motorcycle trials for the members as well as other novice riders. They concentrate their efforts around 4 routes and everyone from experts to beginners are often seen at the events. The main draw of the club is affordability. The club is a member of the East Midland Centre of the Auto Cycle Union. They have, in the past collaborated with Steve Saunders. The club is completely organised and run by volunteers, so the more people at their events, the more fun it eventually turns out to be!

Biking club in Loughborough

Motorcycling routes around Loughborough

•    Melbourne-Melton Mowbray- Holbeach – Melbourne is just 13 miles from Loughborough and the route will start from there, it is a 68-mile route and you will have to turn around and come back down the same road, so the ride will actually be around 140 miles. Those who take this route swear that it is worth every mile! The road is scenic to a fault and the bends and straights are almost made for biking. You are sure to revisit this track over and over again. The police interference is minimal and so are the hazards. Just long roads for you to ride and enjoy every moment of it.
•    Market Harborough-Ibstock-Melton Mowbray loop – The loop is about 93 miles long and can be covered as a day trip. It is a fun track, with not too much traffic, and with few if not any hazardous sections. The road bends are inviting and the straights are waiting for you to open the pistons up. The road forms a wide circle around Leicester. The loop is a favorite among bikers in the region so you can actually wave them as they pass you! A number of cafes and pubs along the way are biker friendly and you are likely to meet some interesting people out there. Police presence is almost completely absent, so you can really have fun on this route.
•    Nottingham to Loughborough – A short 17-mile ride that you can make if you have an evening to spare. Go just for the roads and the views, a definite route to practice on for novice riders.

CAMRA pubs in Loughborough

•    Organ grinder – A must visit joint in the town, it is at Wood Gate. If you are looking for Ales, this is the place to go to. Real ale casks are found here, and ready to serve at any given time. Apart from the Ale, you also get four regular beers and four changing beers. You will also get real Cider here, and the place is pet-friendly. It also comes with an outdoor space, if it so suits you. The Pub won the ‘Most improved pub’ 2012 and ‘Pub of the year’ 2013- both awarded by CAMRA.
•    Royal Oak – On Leicester road, it is an institution by itself and the patrons are almost all regulars. The pub serves real ale and two other regular beers. The outside patio has some great views of the fields on the south side. Come here for a quiet evening and get your ale on.
•    Phantom – Another Leicester road haunt, it recently got a modern update. It is now larger and seats a lot more people. It is open every day from 10 am to 11 pm. The pub serves Real Ale and it is served off a pump tap, the food here is also well received. The pub is Cask Marque accredited as well. If beer or cider is your preference, you get real cider and four regular beers.

While it is great fun to knock back a few beers and ales once in a while, make sure you never get back on your motorcycle once you do. You will not be able to ride as you are supposed to and are likely to crash, hurting yourself and your bike. That will not do!

Motorcycling routes around Loughborough
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