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Sell my motorbike in Lymington

Sell my motorbike in Lymington

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Best biking roads in and around Lymington

Stunning roads

CAMRA Pub Guide

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Hazards for bikers!


Best biking roads in and around Lymington

The port town of Lymington has plenty of scenic country roads nearby, which makes for some pleasant cruising. Its proximity to the New Forest National Park makes it great for camping trips. If you are planning to go on one last ride before you sell your bike, there are some fantastic roads and pubs nearby that you should definitely check out.
Best biking roads in and around Lymington

1.    Lyndhurst Loop – For the most part, this ride is in the New Forest region. So be careful about donkeys, cattle and ponies as they tend to wander the roads freely. The visibility is excellent and the route is peppered with eye-catching scenery. The road has a great selection of twists and bends which makes for some exciting riding. Exercise caution in the stretch between Brockenhurst and Lyndhurst as you have to stay within the national speed limit.

2.    New Forest Firtle from Christchurch to M27 J1 – If you want to take a detour along verdant country roads as you return from Poole Quay, this road is perfect. It passes through the New Forest National Park which makes it ideal if you want to camp out and have some fun. Watch out for the really sharp bends.

3.    Ornamental Drive – This route has the largest tress in the National Park. Giant sequoia trees, rhododendrons and azaleas furnish this route, making it an extremely pleasant ride, especially in the month of May when the flowers are in full bloom. You can take the A35 which is situated to the west of Lyndhurst.

4.    Picket Post to Ringwood – This road is a circular run that starts off from the Sheel station that is located on A31. Keep an eye out for the ponies and horse riders and give them a nice wide berth. If you are looking for a little diversion, take the right towards Fritham between the redshoot and the A31 underpass. This will take you to the old runway of the former Royal Air Force Stoney Cross.

5.    Romsey to Ringwood – This road has a lot of straights and some curved bits. It also has a few tea stops on the route. It is a refreshing ride to go for on Sunday mornings and if you are interested in going further you can continue to New Forest or Poole.

Best biking roads in and around Lymington

CAMRA Pub Guide

Lymington has a lot of interesting pubs with a rich history and a great selection of real ales. If you have never been to any of the following pubs, hop on to your bike and ride out there today.
1.    Angel and Blue Pig – Originally a coaching inn in the 18th century, the pub has a rich history and a fantastic selection of real ales. Although it has undergone major rennovations, it still retains its old school charm. If you are looking for a quiet place to sit down and enjoy your brew, you can do worse than stopping by this pub. The regular beers on their menu include Ringwood Fortyniner, Ringwood Best Bitter and Marston’s Pedigree.

2.    Six Bells – A Wetherspoon pub that used to be the headquarters of bell ringers from the St. Thomas Church nearby. The sweeping staircase from the ground floor opens up to the bar on the middle floor. The back side of the bar floor opens up into a beautiful walled garden which has a covered patio area where you can sit down and enjoy your drink. The regular beers on their menu include the Vibrant Forest Six Bells, Sharp’s Doom Bar, Ringwood Best Bitter and Greene King Abbot.

3.    King’s Head Inn – This inn is located on top of Quay Hill, a quaint pedestrian street that is paved with setts. The bay windows advertise the interiors and you can see tankards hanging from the beams inside the shop. The open fire adds warmth to the woody interior and if you go downhill, you reach the quayside. It is a perfect place to ride out to on your bike. The regular beers on the menu include The Ringwood Best Bitter, Gales HSB, Fuller’s London Pride, Flack’s Double Drop and Adnams Broadside.

4.    Bosun’s Chair – The three-storey building originally used to be a coach house. The bar is decorated with all kinds of boating memorabilia and the place has a patio area and a decorative garden outside. The food they serve includes handmade pies, barbecue specials and more. The entertainment includes darts, televised sport, live music and quiz nights. The regular beers on their menu are the Wadworth IPA and Wadworth 6x.

5.    Ship Inn – One of the most imposing buildings on the quay, the Ship Inn is a three-storey building with dormers. The interior has stone and quarry-tiled floors, brick walls and a lot of wood. It is a perfect place to hang out in during the winters. They have a decked area outside that overlooks the harbour. The regular beers on the menu include Young Bitter and Fuller’s London Pride, and they have different food specials every night.

CAMRA Pub Guide

Hazards for bikers!

Lymington is a beautiful area which has lots of wildlife. One of the main animals is a bird called a Redshank, because there are so many of these birds nesting throughout the year we hear of the odd accident because they tend to wander the sea fronts including roads. Watch out bikers!

Hazards for bikers!
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