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A guide to riding your motorbike in Manchester

Biking is not just a hobby – it is a veritable lifestyle. Cars are passé and way too mainstream (although undeniably useful in some cases), and bicycles just do not have the same power or appeal of a motorbike. There is simply no substitute for the way that a motorbike clings to the road at high speed around tight corners, or the versatility of a two-wheeled, off-road vehicle, that feeling of invincibility, like you can go anywhere with solid ground beneath you.

So, if you hail from the Manchester region or thereabouts, there are some bits of knowledge you will want to familiarise yourself with. It’s worth noting that since bikers commemorated for fallen vets around the M60 highway sometime back, they enjoy a relatively good reputation in the area. Whether you are seeking out information about clubs, great hangouts for after some long rides, track meets, or the like, look no further than here.

Without further ado, read on for some great tips on how to make the most of your biking experience here in the home of the best football team in the Premiere League (and yes, depending on which side of the city you are from, your answer will vary).

The Manchester Bike Show

This is the premiere event in the region for bike lovers of all stripes. The best news? It is just around the corner as it occurs every year around the beginning of April (April 2-3 in 2016). This is a big anniversary for the show too, being its fifth year in existence with over 1,000 bikes on display. Bike in manchesterNo doubt about it, this is the biggest and only indoor showcase for bikes in Northern England.

In the show, you can be part of a 16,000 plus audience perusing some 22,000 square meters with exhibitors from the ranks of motorbike royalty such as Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, Triumph, Kawasaki, Bimota, Benelli, Indian, Victory, and Ducati. Get a sneak peek as you feast your eyes on brand new models from this year on the fully carpeted Hall 4 show floor.

Classic bikes will also be on display in Hall 3. Whether you are into modern, classic, race, or dirt bikes, among the 750 bikes on display will be something for you. Friends who are not yet into the hobby are welcome to join as well, as there is a way for them to try the sport at no cost as long as they have a valid motorcycle licence.

Accessories from leathers, parts, helmets, services, and more are available from the small independent business to some of the big players, so enthusiasts are covered there as well. Finally, the die-hards can go at it on the dedicated racing arena, featuring star guests, recognisable figures from BSB and TT race teams all on the live stage.

This is a great opportunity if you are in the Manchester region, so do not miss out.

Local Clubs

Of course, clubs are a big part of the motorcycle enthusiast’s experience. For many, outside of the work life, it comprises the majority of their social life. For others, these clubs serve as a venue to talk about their passion, get advice, and have some like-minded folks to cruise with. Let’s take a look at some worthwhile clubs in the area.

Urban Rider MCC

This Manchester-based club features weekly riding events as well as other get-togethers. For the less than fully initiated, there is free professional mechanical support offered as well as discounts for membership from a sizeable list of local businesses that service motorcycles. This club is all about increasing confidence and safety among their fellow riders, so if that is up your alley, sign up!

Manchester 500 Advanced Motorcyclists

A non-dogmatic group of bike enthusiasts, this group hopes that its riders will get the most out of their joyriding machines, no matter their choice of two-wheeled vehicle. Every Sunday morning, rain or shine, the group leave from Sainsbury’s Salford and take the best route in the area in a bid to ensure that all bikers get the most out of their ride.

Born of Chaos

Describing themselves as a brotherhood, this non-political entity draws from as far as Chester and North Manchester whilst being located in Warrington. In the more traditional ilk of motorcycle clubs, they claim they like to drink, swear, talk about bikes, and ‘take the piss out of each other’ in a relaxed, old school motorcycle club kind of way.

Make no mistake though; this club is all-inclusive as it welcomes anyone, male or female, old or young, who rides bikes. Meeting on a bimonthly basis at the Blackburne Arms in Warrington, drop by and get a feel for the club as they get a feel for you. You will know soon enough if there’s a good match, so if you are looking for a friendly bunch of bikers to get along with, it’s worth a shot.

Stalybridge Motorcycle Club

Going on 40 years now, this club is focused on having fun while improving the sometimes-rotten image of bikers portrayed in the mainstream media. As such, the club organises events like charity runs, interclub game nights, bike rallies, a July annual bike show, an annual charity rock night in February, and other social events. Meetings are laid-back and in the spirit of camaraderie. Of course, this is all-inclusive for those who are into bikes or love riding and looking for a good group of people to gabber about motorcycle maintenance with.

Other Biking Events and Info for the Manchester Area

If you are like myself who was once looking to sell my motorbike in Manchester, We want your Motorbike has a great valuation tool as well as tips for selling your motorbike. Look out for Manchester Bikers on twitter as well, as they have meet-ups every now and then.

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