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Sell my motorbike in Mansfield

Sell my motorbike in Mansfield

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A guide to riding your motorbike in Mansfield

Market place

Best biking routes in Mansfield

Stunning roads

Meet bikers at Mansfield’s clubs

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A guide to riding your motorbike in Mansfield

Mansfield is a market town located in Nottinghamshire, England. Situated about 19 kilometers from Nottingham, Mansfield is surrounded by hills, making it a very picturesque town. The urban town of Mansfield has a population of slightly over 99,000 people. Located in the lap of beautiful countryside, Mansfield is rather popular among travelers, especially backpackers who like to visit for some peace and quiet.

Although the town does not have a high population, it is very popular among biker communities. Mansfield has a few biker clubs as several people living there are motorcycle enthusiasts. If you are looking to sell your motorcycle in Mansfield, you will need to interact with fellow bikers. Before you officially put your bike on the market, take it to a mechanic and have it serviced, from handlebar to exhaust. You can also have a professional value your bike so you know how much you could expect from the sale. Spend some time exploring the city and meeting the locals. Identifying the routes frequented by other bikers and locating their local hangouts will definitely help.

A guide to riding your motorbike in Mansfield

Best biking routes in Mansfield

•    Mansfield circular via Workshop and Arnold
Ride from Birch Grove to Lindhurst Lane and all the way up to Berry Hill. Take the left into Nottingham Road and ride towards the outskirts where the A60 intersects the A614. Turn right onto the main road ride to the 5 Ways Island. Head into Workshop after you take a left at A57. Keep riding on the ring road and get onto the A60 leading to Mansfield. Enter Mansfield Woodhouse and keep riding until you get to Abbot Road. When you turn right, you enter Beck Lane. Keep going, you will get past Kings Mills Road, Notting Road, Kirlington, Hockerton, and continue all the way to Southwell. After Southwell, you get to Oxton which will lead you to Rainworth. After Rainworth, you get to Blidworth from where you need to turn right to get onto Mansfield Road. Keep riding until you get to Rainworth, where you turn left to get onto Southwell Road East. Follow back to head towards Mansfield. When you get to Bellamy road, turn left and ride through the estate and re-join Lindhurst Lane. You have now completed the circular route.

The entire route is very beautiful and surrounded by the countryside. Some roads can be tricky, so be careful while you ride and make turns.

•    Mansfield to the microbrewery
This route is a little treacherous because you will have to get off-road for a distance. If you are experienced with off-road riding, then you would not face issues. Ride from Brushes Sherwood Pines and get to the beginning of the Southwell Train. Ride along the flat off-road trail until you get to Trent River. Ride down to Gunthorpe Lock and you will finally reach The Black Horse, the Caythorpe microbrewery. Bikers prefer this route since it consists of mostly quiet farm roads and leads to a microbrewery.

•    Mansfield Woodhouse Train Station circular route
Locally, this route is called the Two Pits Trail since it consists of Sherwood and Shirebrook pit tips. The view from the top of is really good, which is why most bikers take this route. You can also stop at Market Warsop to get something to eat. Remember, most of the trail is non-roadway, so you will have to be careful when you ride through.

Best biking routes in Mansfield

Meet bikers at Mansfield’s clubs

Mansfield has a good number of biking enthusiasts who have formed several clubs and groups amongst themselves. One of the most popular biker clubs is called The Nottingham Aces. This group was formed back in the early 60s. These Aces meet every Thursday evenings at The White Hart, a traditional pub that has been the Aces’ watering hole since their inception. Everyone is welcome at The White Hart to meet the Aces. This will give you a great opportunity to interact with experienced bikers and get some information on how and where you could sell your bike.

Another more recent club is the Hood Riders. Their aim is to bring together lone riders for ride outs and social gatherings. You can meet people from all over Britain who could help you with selling your bike.

There are also several biker-friendly joints you could visit. Brownies Café on Mansfield Road is run by bikers and is a very popular spot. Another spot is Flo’s Café on Spittle Road, Nottinghamshire. It is a friendly place and popular among bikers and truck drivers. Also known for good food and drinks. If you like kebabs, head to Pizzini in Bottesford. It is a coffee shop and is known for its pizzas. The Plough, located in Retford, hosts a Classic Bike Night on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the months, from April to September. Modern bikes are also welcome.

Also, The White Hart in Lenton, which hosts Bike Night every Thursday all through the year.

Spend some time getting familiar with the local bikers who would know the bike market thoroughly. They could help you sell your bike or one of them might buy it themselves.

Meet bikers at Mansfield’s clubs
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