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Sell my motorbike in Margate

Sell my motorbike in Margate

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Margate Harbour


Best biker routes in and around Margate

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Biker friendly Accommodation around Margate


Margate Harbour

Located in the district of Thanet on the eastern coastline of Kent, England, the town of Margate offers Londoners and tourists a chance to enjoy the sandy beaches of the region. The town has a strong maritime tradition and enjoys the signature oceanic climate of the United Kingdom. Although Margate supports a population that is under 58,000, they are one of the leading seaside resorts in the UK, and they offer plenty of attraction to visitors from all over the world.

Margate, much like the other towns in Kent is a popular destination amongst bikers for the pleasing climate and the scenic routes. Although it is one of the smaller towns in the county of Kent, but the frequent influx of travelers makes it a great idea to sell your bike in Margate. The following tips will help you socialize with other bikers and find potential buyers for your beloved machine.

Margate Harbour

Best biker routes in and around Margate

Broadstairs to Westmarch via Richborough
A quick 25 km ride from Broadstairs to Westmarch takes you through the scenic country side of Kent. You start at Viking Bay in Broadstairs and take the A255 and A256 all the way to Sandwich. Then take the Richborough road through Richborough, Westmarch and reach Elmstone. The route has a healthy balance of corners and straights, but the scenery is the main attraction as you get to cut through fields, orchards lakes and even coastlines. However, watch out for road hazards and police presence along the route.

Ramsgate – Dover – Folkestone – Canterbury – Chestfield – Ramsgate
If you want to spend an entire weekend cruising the best of what Kent has to offer, then the roundabout route from Ramsgate to Canterbury and back provides the perfect opportunity. Nearly 130 kms long, the route starts at Ramsgate from where you need to take the A256 and A258 to Dover, then the A20 to Folkestone, the A260 to Canterbury and then the A2 and A299 back to Ramsgate via Chestfield. The initial part of your journey will have many corners and there may be some speed cameras as you approach Dover and Folkestone. Then you will leave the coastline to ride through the fields and orchards of Kent to get to Canterbury. The ride from Canterbury back to Ramsgate provides many straights that you can cruise comfortably.

Best biker routes in and around Margate

Biker friendly Accommodation around Margate

Hillview B&B
Located on the outskirts of Whitstable, which is a mere 30 kilometers away from Margate, Hillview is a friendly Bed and Breakfast lodge that is popular amongst bikers frequenting the northern coastline of Kent. The lodge overlooks the North Downs and a picturesque farmland and it is easily accessible from the town of Whitstable. All their rooms have coffee and tea making facilities and they provide a range of facilities including fresh towels, linen, hair dryers, and TV/DVD. They have a private car park and an outdoor pressure washer which can be used for washing your vehicle.

Sylvan Cottage
Located off Nackington Road in the town of Canterbury in Kent, Sylvan Cottage offers you the opportunity to stay at a secluded, comfortable lodging without being too far away from the town. They offer kitchen and dining facilities apart from the basic Bed and Breakfast services and the 300 year old house is surrounded by a lovely garden. They have secure, off-road parking for bikes and they are open throughout the year.
Popular Meeting Places for Bikers around Margate

The Ranch Ltd
The Ranch Ltd is a tea room located off Canterbury road in Wingham, Kent. The family run establishment is surrounded by peaceful and picturesque country side. They are known amongst bikers to have a friendly atmosphere and high quality home cooked food at reasonable prices, and they welcome people from all walks of life and of all ages. The Ranch Ltd also hosts events for bikers and even cycling clubs. The excellent location and genuine staff makes The Ranch Ltd a great stop for bikers and travelers in the area.

H’s Cafe
Located off the A2 between Dover and Canterbury in Kent, H’s Cafe is one of the best places for bikers to gather. They have a large selection of locally sourced food and beverages, and the staff is friendly. As it is located in Kent Motorcycles, which is a showroom that sells Honda bikes, H’s Cafe sees frequent visits from bikers in the area. They also host a number of famous biker meetings in their large parking spaces, where bikers and motorheads from all around Kent come to socialize. Although they are open on all days of the week, they host biker meetings only from 6pm to 9pm on Wednesdays in the months of March through October.

Biker friendly Accommodation around Margate
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