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Sell my motorbike in Milton Keynes

Sell my motorbike in Milton Keynes

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A guide to riding your motorbike in Milton Keynes

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Check out the CAMRA pub guide

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Speed cameras in Milton Keynes

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A guide to riding your motorbike in Milton Keynes

One would not normally associate Milton Keynes with the great motor biking terrain, but you would not be more wrong. It has some of the best trails combined with great places to visit, stay and shop. You can spend entire days exploring the area and getting to grips with the challenging terrain on your own, or with your biker friends and family. Access to most of the roads is easy and you also have plenty of parking spots. If you are looking to sell your motorbike in Milton Keynes, go with a trusted seller who knows the value of your bike. Not only is it essential to make sure that you get the best price for your bike, you also want to know that your bike is being bought by someone who knows the value of what you are selling.

A guide to riding your motorbike in Milton Keynes

Check out the CAMRA pub guide

CAMRA pub guide

We have compiled a list of some of the best pubs in and around Milton Keynes. These are great places to stop during your ride and are also perfect coordinating venues in case you want to meet likeminded bikers. Be sure to check them out!

1.    The Cannon, Newport Pagnell – A lively venue with a fantastic selection of ale choices. They host regular events which feature local bands, stand-up comedy acts and open mic. The place is a must visit if you are riding through Newport Pagnell. Their traditional surroundings, central location and efficient staff make it a really welcoming place.

2.    The Prince Albert, Bradwell Village – Located in the heart of the village, this pub is just five minutes from the railway station at Milton Keynes. A family run business, their ale list is constantly updated and they also feature a great wine selection along with some of the best homemade food you will find anywhere. They also have a sun patio, play area and a child safe garden. Karaoke’s, quiz nights, local pool, darts teams and beer festivals make this a highly welcoming place for bikers.

3.    Wetherspoon’s, Midsummer Boulevard – A spacious pub with plenty of seating which includes a specially designated area for families. It is a popular destination for lunch breaks and can get quite busy during the weekdays. It is packed in the evenings too due to the events at the nearby clubs. The friendly staff and a wide selection of ales make this a perfect place to chill out.

4.    Red Lion, Fenny Stratford – A 15 minute walk to the south from Fenny Stratford’s football ground, Red Lion is picturesquely located beside a canal rock. They have a great selection of regularly changing ciders and ales that are served from the four hand pumps in the pub. The place has a great outdoor seating area for warmer days and boasts a highly friendly atmosphere.

5.    The Barn, Secklow Gate West – This is one of the best resto-pubs in the region. The staff are extremely helpful and friendly, and they always go the extra mile to make sure that you enjoy your time there. With a recently upgraded décor and layout, the place is a perfect stop for travelling bikers.

6.    The Bell and Bear, Emberton – It is a traditional village pub, which serves high quality brew with tapas snacks. The heart of the local community, it is regularly frequented by church groups, village residents, bakers, investment clubs, bankers, builders, bikers, dentists, doctors, pilots, teachers and more. The bar area is snug and cosy, and they have the finest premium spirits and malt whiskies. They have an interesting rotation of continental beers and craft brews and also serve more than twenty bottled beers. It is the beer mecca for the passing traveller.

Check out the CAMRA pub guide

Speed cameras in Milton Keynes

While you are busy enjoying your bike sojourns, you need to be careful of the speed cameras. These are vulnerable spots where motorists are likely to be caught for speeding. The Woburn Sands station road and Fenny Stratford’s Watling Street is a couple of the most dangerous roads in the city.

1, A5130, Woburn Sands – There has been a total of 264 prosecutions since the placement of this camera and it allows for a maximum speed of 30 miles per hour. There have been 8 deaths and 63 injuries due to reckless speeding.

2, Fenny Stratford’s Watling Street – Since the speed camera was installed, there have been a whopping 472 prosecutions and 8 deaths. About 60 people have been seriously injured in road accidents.

3, Newport Pagnell’s Wolverton Road – This camera has been behind 132 prosecutions since its installation. Although only two people have lost their lives in an accident, there have been close to 55 serious injuries due to reckless driving.

4, Bletchley’s Princes Way – Since the installation of the speeding camera in this road, there have been over 300 prosecutions, 4 deaths and 40 grave injuries due to overspending. You can be assured that if you are caught speeding here, the police are not going to cut you any slack.

Speed cameras in Milton Keynes
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