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A guide to riding your motorbike in Newport

Newport is the third largest city in Wales, and it is located in the south-eastern region of the county, about 20 kilometers to the northeast of Cardiff. The city supports a population of more than 300,000 people and it is famous for its commercial value as a port. In fact, the city of Newport was used as a port since the medieval era, which is why there are a large number of buildings and landmarks around the region from this period. Today, this city is considered to be an important engineering and manufacturing center. The transportation systems within the city, specifically the roads and railway lines are linked to nearby places like Cardiff.

Although most of the city is used in industrial endeavors, the surrounding regions showcase the famous scenic beauty of south-east Wales, making Newport popular amongst bikers and travelers. If you plan to sell your bike in the city of Newport, you have the advantage of not only being in one of the most populous places in Wales, but also access to some of the best roads in the region. The following activities will help you find the right buyer for your machine.

Travel the roads around Newport

Sprint from Caerleon to Usk
Although this route is only about 12 kilometers long, the steep corners provide enough of challenges to keep experienced bikers alert throughout the way. The scenery along the road is absolutely stunning, however, there are also many speed cameras along the route and police presence has been increasing in recent times. If you ride from Caerleon to Usk and back a few times, you will identify places where you can speed through fast corners and make this an enjoyable experience.

Newport to Abergavenny
The A4042 connects the city of Newport to the town of Abergavenny which lies to its north. Stretching to about 23 kilometers long, the road has high police presence and some amount of traffic. But there are also some great straights and corners you can find where you can push your motorcycle to perform.

Newport to Wentloog Avenue
If you want to experience some unadulterated biking through the country side without police interference, the coastal route from Newport to Wentloog avenue is the perfect place to go. Once you have crossed the outskirts of the city of Newport, the coastal breeze and the timeless scenery makes your ride enjoyable as you cut through tight corners and hairpin turns.

Relax with other bikers at popular meeting places

Hafodyrynys RFC
Situated in Crumlin, Newport, Hafodyrynys RFC is a sports bar that offers excellent food and drinks to visitors. It is a popular venue for a host of activities, including parties and biker rallies, making this famous amongst the motorcycle enthusiasts in the region. The staff ensures that a comfortable, casual atmosphere is maintained at all times.

Oasis Snack Bar
Oasis Snack Bar is located in the town of Abergavenny, which lies a few kilometers north of Newport. The food offered here is simple, but delicious, and its proximity to the roads makes this cafe extremely popular amongst bikers. The staff are friendly and welcoming to all their guests.

Biker friendly accommodation

The Sloop Inn
Located about 30 kilometers to the northeast of the city of Newport, The Sloop Inn is a cozy establishment that offers plenty of amenities to guests. They have a comfortable lounge where you can enjoy a wide variety of good quality food and drinks. They even have a pool table, dart room and other facilities for guests to enjoy while they stay in the peaceful accommodation and explore the picturesque surroundings.

The Studio at the Old Rectory
Located in Chepstow, Monmouthshire, The Studio at the Old Rectory is a luxurious 4 star accommodation and is considered to be amongst the best in South Wales. They offer many basic amenities within the beautiful studio apartment and bikes can be safely parks at an off-road site. The location is perfect for exploring some of the best roads and destinations in the region.

Oakfield B&B
Situated in the town of Blaenavon, South Wales, Oakfield B&B is the perfect place for bikers to stay if they plan to explore the stunning countryside. As the owners are bikers themselves, they provide plenty of facilities to ensure that you are comfortable and that your bike is safe during your stay. They also offer high quality food and comfortable accommodation to their guests.

The Beaufort Hotel
The Beaufort Hotel is amongst the oldest continuously operating hotels in South Wales, and it is located in the border town of Chepstow. They offer guests a chance to experience the varied menu in their restaurant and lounge bar so that they can relax before exploring the nearby attractions including the shopping area. They are also frequently booked as a venue for weddings and functions.

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