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Sell my motorbike in Oldham

Sell my motorbike in Oldham

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Biking clubs in Oldham

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Biking routes in Oldham

Camra Pubs in Oldham


There are enough people in Oldham (the town had a population of more than 224000 according to the last census) to support a local biking culture. All types and sorts of bikes are ridden and enjoyed by the local population. There are a number of pubs, cafes, and biking trails that you can follow and be a part of.

But you don’t necessarily have to be a part of a biking group or club to enjoy the roads, a group of your friends are enough. Selling, buying or even trading in your bike in Oldham is easy and shouldn’t take too much time or effort.

There are a lot of places where you can even get it serviced as the town has a good history, in fact there is a motorcycle school in Oldham. Here, you can learn the basics of riding, safety and how to handle your bike. Because it includes lessons on various types of bikes, it is a good place to start if you are looking at taking your casual biking and learning the nitty-gritty.

Apart from motorcycle groups, the town was also the home town of Clem Becket, one of the earliest speedway racers who brought motorcycle racing to the mainstream. He died young in the Spanish War in 1937. His racing helmet can still be found in the Oldham Gallery. Worth a visit if you are into motorcycle history.


Biking clubs in Oldham

Road Wizards MCC: It is a charity based group that was set up in the year 2007. A relatively new club, but have a good following. Their main event is the yearly bike show. They accept memberships from most applicants as long as the bike is classed from and above 125cc.

Biking clubs in Oldham

Biking routes in Oldham

Biking routes in Oldham

While a few of these routes start and end at Oldham, they might not all be from here. They are, however in the immediate vicinity and a short ride would take you to these famous routes along the way. Here are a few such routes that you can take if you have a weekend to yourself and would like some wind in your hair.

Folkingham- Gainsborough- Matlock- Cat & Fiddle- Snake pass

Probably the best route in the vicinity, it is long, beautiful and perfect for every kind of biking. You may have to get down to either Manchester or get to the M67 at either Hyde or Mottram. From there it is just miles and miles of open roads.

The curves and bends are perfect, the scenery is beautiful, and there is little traffic to irritate you. Even the police presence is limited. If the 250 mile journey is a bit much, you can loop off and take a short cut at Chesterfield before reaching Brimington and head over to Matlock, that should cut the distance by half. 

Huddersfield Loop: Uppermill- Denshaw- Milnrow- Ripponden

Another excellent ride, this route starts at Uppermill, just 5 miles from Oldham. It runs a total of 53 miles and the roads are almost perfect. It has flowing straights as well as challenging bends. It is a perfect day trip. There are a number of villages on the way if you’d like to grab a quick coffee.

Camra Pubs in Oldham

CAMRA or the Campaign for Real Ale is a movement that focusses on Ale and the traditional way of making and consuming it. There are a number of pubs in Oldham where you can find genuine and locally brewed ales. Here are a few of the best, do check them out when you can.

Up Steps: Located on the High Street, it is a certified LocAle bar and is open from 8 am till midnight. They serve two regular beers and a number of other guest, rotating beers. Here, you can get genuine Ale and Cider, made in the locality.

Harry’s Bar: Located at Yorkshire street, it was formerly known as the number 15. It has a number of regular and changing beers. Original Ale is also served through the day. They close early on the weekdays, so you might have to get in early between Monday and Friday.

Royal Oaks: Sitting in the middle of Union Street, it is a classic beer and ale joint. It is one of the oldest in town. The bar has been mentioned on the National Inventory of Historic Pubs as one of Britain’s Real Heritage Pubs. The pub is a quite and charming place with Real Ale and Cider available. It is a pub that you definitely want to check out.

It is common sense and we don’t need to say it- do not drink and ride. Riding a motorcycle becomes doubly difficult while under the influence and as powerful and free as you may feel, it is not cool to ride after chugging a few down.

Apart from being illegal, you are endangering yourself, others, and your bike when you do, so don’t do it. Enjoy your Ales responsibly.


Biking routes in Oldham
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