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A guide to riding your motorbike in Salisbury

Salisbury is known as the Cathedral City and that’s something most people know. But, did you know that it is also called the “Biker City”? Well, not officially. But, yes, Salisbury is a place that is home to many enthusiasts. With motocross and speedway hotspots like Swindon close by, you could say that the biking culture got sort of rubbed onto Salisbury.

Anyway, the point here is that people in Salisbury love bikes and they definitely know everything about them. So, if you’re one of those people planning to sell your bike here, then make sure you know what you are doing. If you aren’t careful, your buyers in Salisbury could end up “taking you for a ride”. So, make sure you get a professional valuation done for your bike.

It’s the only way you’ll get to know the true worth of your bike and protect yourself from getting swindled.

Apart from getting your things in order, take some time off to enjoy your biker in Salisbury. There are many things a biker can do here.

Here are a few suggestions


There are some great routes nearby Salisbury for your weekend ride-outs. Take your friends with you or go solo. You’re bound to enjoy it anyway. So, here are a few routes for you to check out.

  1. Salisbury – Stockbridge

This is a short yet fun route. There are plenty of corners to keep you challenged, as well as a few straights that let you push the limits. Another major advantage is that the road surface and visibility are quite high. As for scenery, it’s excellent.

However, there are a few hazards to keep an eye out for. Police presence is generally minimal.

  1. A338: Salisbury – Tidworth – Hungerford

Take the A303 from Salisbury to Tidworth and then the A338 from Tidworth to Hungerford. It’s a lovely route that offers plenty of corners and enjoyable scenery. There are a few straight stretches too. As for road surface, it is average at best, but the superb visibility more than makes up for it.

Police presence is moderate and so are the hazards.

  1. A36: Salisbury – Bristol – Southampton

If you love really long rides, then this is the right route for you. Remember, it’s a 3 hour journey and you will require stops. The scenery is on this route is excellent and there are sections of the road that are quite challenging and enjoyable.

On the whole, corners and straights can be ranked as above average. The highlight of the route, as stated above, is the scenery. So, do keep stopping to take in the view. Road surface and visibility are above average as well. As for police presence, it is moderate at best. 


There are a few good biker friendly pubs and cafes in Salisbury and nearby. Here are a few you can try out.

  1. The Clearway

The Clearway, which can be found on Firsdown, conducts a biker night every month on the first Thursdays at 6 PM. However, the biker nights happen only during the months of summer. The Clearway is quite popular joint and it isn’t uncommon to spot bikers from the whole of Wiltshire County here.

  1. Crown and Anchor

The Crown and Anchor is an inn with an excellent bar. It’s located at Marlborough, Wiltshire and is very popular among bikers. You can taste some of the best ciders, lagers, and real ale here. In fact, Ray Penny, the owner of the joint is said to be a master brewer.

  1. The Crown

The Crown at Broad Hinton, Wiltshire hosts a Biker BBQ every Monday night and Biker Breakfasts every Saturday morning.

Motorcycle Clubs (MCCs)

  1. The Salisbury Motorcycle and Light Car Club

The Salisbury MCLCC was first established in 1921 as the Sarum and District MCC. At the time, the primary interest in the club was to indulge in motorcycle trials. In 1928, the interests progressed to an involvement in all types of motorcycle sports.

In 1930, the club was renamed as the Salisbury Motor Club in order to signal the club’s inclusion of light cars.

By 1947, the club had started conducting trials, grass tracks, scrambles and even, social events.

In 1959, the club was once again renamed as the Salisbury Motorcycle and Light Car Club. This was the same period where the club operated trials, track, and social events.

1976 saw the club opening its doors to the grass track and scramble riders youth section. The youth section has been credited with producing quite a few top motocross, grass track, and speedway riders.

In 1982, the club created another section called the classic section which conducts road runs, social events, and displays. The road runs welcome other motorcyclists as well as long as they ride in the ‘spirit of the classics’.

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