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Sell my motorbike in Slough

Sell my motorbike in Slough is a market leading buyer of motorbikes in the UK.

Slough is one of our favourite places to buy bikes from, the bikes are always looked after and we want to buy them now!

If you have found this page as you are looking for a guide to riding a motorbike in Slough then scroll down.

A guide to riding a motorbike in Slough

Are you planning to sell your bike in Slough? Well, you better have an expert valuate it for you. Slough is a place known for its bike enthusiasts, who are always on the lookout for some good deals. However, the problem is you may not get the price you’re asking for. So, if you don’t want to lose money on your motorcycle, a professional valuation will tell you how much you can actually get.

While you’re busy finding ways to sell your bike, you can also have some fun with it. Slough has a lot of options for bike lovers. For instance, there are several popular meeting spots for bikers near the town. You can also sign up to join one of the local motorcycle clubs and attend some ride-outs or rallies.

Here are a few suggestions.

Meeting Spots

Here are a few pubs and cafés near Slough that are frequented by the biker community.

  1. Pinewood Bar and Café: The Pinewood Bar and Café is a great place to enjoy some ale, coffee and snacks. More importantly, it’s a place where you can meet all kinds of bikers. In fact, Pinewood hosts its very own bikers meet-up called the Bracknell Bike Night every Tuesday. You can spot every type of bike at this event including trikes, choppers, customs, and sport bikes.
  2. Nelson’s Diner: Nelson’s Diner is a family run diner located at Kingsclere. What makes this place unique is that it enjoys an American style 1950’s retro theme. They have American style Diner Booths, chrome walls, chequered floors and plenty of memorabilia including a few classic American cars as well. The place is frequented by bikers and offers a unique experience.
  3. Royal Oak: The Royal Oak Pub on London Road is a popular haunt for bikers. The pub follows a particular theme each night. For instance, Saturdays are Entertainment Nights and Fridays are BBQ Nights. They also have live music with a playlist that mostly consists of “biker rock”. You can find bikers at this place mostly on a Sunday night.
  4. The Flowing Spring: If you want something that’s more biker than anything else, then The Flower Spring at Henley Road, Berkshire is your place. The fact that the place is situated on Henley Road should tell you that this is a prime stopping location for bikers. In fact, Flower Springs loves bikers and even conducts bike nights, bike rallies, and various other biker related events.

Motorcycle Clubs

If you are interested in joining a motorcycle club, then you would be happy to know that there are quite a few MCCs near Slough. Here are some of the more well-known ones.

  1. South Shires Bikers MCC: The South Shires Bikers MCC welcomes anybody into their fold, as long as they have a bike and a love for biking. Even the Home page on the MCC’s website states that the club welcomes bikers of all types, shapes, and sizes. The club consists of mostly members from the counties of Berkshire, Wiltshire, and Hampshire.

The club conducts meets and ride-outs as often as possible. They also participate in charity runs and events (local and national).

The MCC also stresses on safe riding, which is made apparent through their motto – “Never ride faster than your guardian angel can fly!”

  1. Berkshire Branch of the Triumph Owners Motor Cycle Club: As you probably already know, the Triumph Owners MCC (TOMCC) is one of the biggest MCCs in the UK and not surprisingly, they have a chapter in Berkshire as well. The club conducts meet-ups every Thursday at around 8 PM. The meet-ups are held at the Burghfield Community Sports Association at Reading.

The club presently has more than a 100 members and continues to grow. Members conduct events and ride-outs that allow members to experience the best of being a Triumph owner.

  1. Vintage Motorcycle Club: As the name suggests, this particular club is exclusively for the owners of vintage motorcycles. The MCC operates from Berkshire and is known for its friendly attitude. The club has been functioning for a long time as well. In fact, their 50th anniversary was celebrated only two years ago.

The club states that its true purpose is to represent itself and also, encourage vintage motorcycle to have some fun with their classic bikes. The club even conducts restoration projects to help owners bring their beauties back to life.

The MCC welcomes anyone as long as they have a bike that is more than 25 years old. They don’t have restrictions on type or make. Members are busy with a calendar full of events every year and they also take part in external events as well.

The club encourages people to come meet them and know more about the club and its activities, even if you aren’t one of their members.

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