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Sell my motorbike in Southport

Sell my motorbike in Southport

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A guide to riding your motorbike in Southport

Seaside town

Ride the best roads in and around Southport

Awesome routes

Biker friendly accommodation in and around Southport


A guide to riding your motorbike in Southport

The seaside town of Southport is one of the most populous settlements in the North Western region of England and is situated merely 30 kilometers to the north of the city of Liverpool. It is also considered to be one of the most popular seaside resorts in the UK due to the sunny climes and easy access to nearby major cities. Southport supports a population of over 90000 and rarely experiences proper snowfalls.


The town of Southport has a long history of being a center of recreation and leisure activities and still maintains the reputation across UK. Due to its proximity to Liverpool and Preston, many of the tourists and travelers visiting the town during the weekends, choose to use the roads. If you are planning to sell your bike in Southport, you have the advantage of a consistent flow of tourists during weekends. Given below are some activities that will help you find potential buyers for your motorcycle, and even socialize with other motorcycle enthusiasts.

A guide to riding your motorbike in Southport

Ride the best roads in and around Southport

Rufford to Chorley
Although this route stretches on for only 11 kilometers, it provides enough of challenges along the way to hold your concentration throughout your journey. Start at the A59 at Rufford and turn east on to the A581 that will take you through Croston, Ulnes Walton, Euxton park after which you will reach Chorley. There are many hazards on these rural roads and police presence seems to be consistently high. But the tight corners will ensure that you maintain good control of the speed of your vehicle. This route makes for a simple Sunday morning ride.

Ainsdale on sea – Coastal road – Marine drive – Banks
If your idea of a perfect road is to have the Southport coastline to one side, then the ride from Ainsdale-on-sea to Bans provides the greatest opportunity. The coastal road and marine drive are impossible to miss when you visit Southport because of the sandy beach in the region. Although it is barely 10 kilometers long, the Coastal road and Marine Drive are some of the most enjoyable roads in the town. Take your bike out on a clear sunset and maintain a slow, laid back pace as you ride through the windy, picturesque beach of Southport. There is significant police presence and traffic, but the straight road provides a relaxing ride.

Ride the best roads in and around Southport

Biker friendly accommodation in and around Southport

Royal Clifton Hotel and Spa
Located at the Promenade in Southport, Merseyside, the Royal Clifton Hotel and Spa provides a range of facilities to guests. They have family rooms, mini- suites and full size suites, many of which have sweeping views of the nearby coastline. The strategic location gives guests the opportunity to explore nearby shopping and leisure attractions apart from the famous golf clubs and sandy beach. They provide basic toiletries, fresh towels and bed linen for guests and they have a private car park to keep vehicles safe.

Dukes Folly Hotel
The Dukes Folly Hotel is located off 11 Duke Street in Southport, England and provides bed and breakfast services to their guests. They provide complimentary breakfast, high speed internet access and a comfortable room for a short stay. Frequent visitors to the hotel say that the staff are friendly and that they offer good quality food. They even have plenty of parking around the establishment. The central location gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy the attractions nearby, while the cozy rooms ensure that guests are not disturbed by the noise in the neighborhood.
Hang out at the most popular biker meeting places in Southport

Southport Carousel Bike Meet
As Southport attracts many visitors from nearby cities of Liverpool and Preston, there are many biker meeting spots in and across the town. Most of the cafes, hotels and eateries in the town provide ample parking and good food, which makes them good venues for meeting other biker friends. However, if you want to meet new motorcycle enthusiasts, all you need to do is cruise down Marine Drive and you will find a large number of bikers close to the beach.

The Southport Carousel Bike Meet is probably one of the most popular ones amongst biker meeting spots in the town of Southport. Located close to South Marine Gardens near marine drive, the Southport Carousel Bike Meet sees motorcycle owners of all types to enjoy street food and meet other bikers. There is plenty of parking space in the area and a number of eateries  that serve a variety of foods and beverages to make sure that visitors are welcome. The meet is not organized by any particular business, which is why even travelers and tourists get to enjoy the Southport Carousel Bike Meet.  

Biker friendly accommodation in and around Southport
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