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Advice for bikers riding in Stoke

Whether you are a diehard or a casual fan of the motorcycle, there are a million ways to enjoy the two-wheeled passion. For many, biking is a kind of lifestyle that one partakes in through clubs, track meets, and basically any second they have away from their family or work.

If they cannot talk about it with friends, then they go online to talk about their shared hobby with strangers on internet forums. For others, motorbiking represents a way to get away from the worries of life, to relax, let your hair down, and live freely.

So, if you are from Stoke and need some good information on how to make the most of your cycle in the area, read on for lots of good tidbits.

Some Local History

The famous Alton Towers theme park is now renowned for such things as its roller coaster rides, enchanted village luxury tree houses, and other things to amuse kids and families that come to visit the nation-wide tourist attraction. But before it was renowned for these things it was, according to the Stoke Sentinal, a racetrack for motorbikes in the 1950s.

It still lives on as such in the memories of seniors who remember days when they would race to the tracks as kids with their brothers and friends to see local heroes like Peter Febrache. He was ‘definitely the king,’ but there were other riders such as Alf Briggs, Freddy Wallis, Peter Middleton, N Storer, E Sugden, and even a woman named Molly Briggs who joined the ranks of competition.

One such racer of interest was a Harry Hulme, now in his 80s, who used to race on a 250 mov Velocette as well as a 350 KSS Velocette. He recalls being nervous before his 22 year old self’s first race. Of course, Harry was already in love with the sport by the time he got his own 1935 Royal Enfield 350 at the ripe age of 17, followed by the aforementioned 350 KSS Velocette as his second piece of equipment.

Sell my motorbike in Stoke

It was precisely what was known as ‘racing clubs’ back in the day from these areas, including at the not-too-far Oulton Park, that gives the local sport a fascinating backdrop. Even then it was recognised as a risky sport, but that did not stop these young heroes from engaging in the thrill of it all.

It brings generations of families together, as evidence by Harry’s story; he gave it up after he got married, but then took an interest in it when his sons were old enough to try it themselves. His eldest recently took Harry along for a joy ride on a 1980 125 RSW Honda, a bike Harry himself does maintenance work on.

Local Events

There are a number of events that take place in Stoke on a regular basis. One of those is the annual Toy Run, going on 39 years of tradition now. Leaving from Britannia Stadium, usually sometime in mid-December, a group of bikers in the Star Bikers Motorcycle club ride together for a good cause on behalf of the Stoke on Trent Bikers charity: raising awareness for kids in local hospitals and schools who are down and out for a variety of different reasons, then collecting toys and monetary donations on their behalf by riding and accepting gifts from the public.

At the end, it becomes a fun community event where people of all ages can partake in the games and festivities. Interestingly enough, Stoke claims to be first place in the UK to ever hold an event of this kind, a claim that it proudly promotes.

Meanwhile, during the summer months, Britannia Stadium hosts the Staffordshire Bike Show, a showcase that attracts fans, leading manufacturers, and more. Some of last year’s highlights included Carl Fogarty, a four time world champion, Kevin Carmichael, a stunt driver, and Steve Colley, a three time solo trial champ.

In addition to the great exhibitions, spectators get to see wheelie machines, TT Simulator Rides, Classic Bike Paddocks, a whole bunch of toys and games, all while they listen to some great live music. The adults at the show get to witness this all as well, and can shop for their favourite accessories from the 90 exhibitors and traders present.

Clubs: the Lifeblood of Motor Enthusiasts

Perhaps owed to its heritage of biking, there are a surprising number of local motorcycle clubs to choose from in the area, especially given the population of the place itself. Let’s take a look at some of the club options available for those that are so inclined to look into joining one.

Greedy Pigs MCC

This 33 year-old club has been going strong for a while, meeting every week at Freebird Freehouse. Among other activities, they help organize and host charity bike shows, beer festivals, and bike rallies for the community. This is a relatively small club, numbering only a few dozen, that does some great work for the public at large.

Star Bikers

The aforementioned Star Bikers puts on a number of charity events, the biggest being the Toy Run. Again, a smaller club that does great work.

Smurfs MCC

There’s the Smurfs MCC, about which there is not a ton of information published at this time. They also put on events and rallies as a family-oriented motorcycle club. According to their website, ‘most of all though; we love to ride.’

Local Motocross Tracks

Total MX has nothing to do with the local Mexican pride movement, but instead provides a list of places in the Stoke-on-Trent area. Among those listed is the Peacock Hey Motocross Track, a place that charges £15 for kids and £20 for adults for two hours of riding.

Warmingham Lane solely serves as a racetrack. It consists of clay with ‘big tabletops and hills.’

Hawkstone Park MX Circuit is famous through the nation for its great moto-x circuits that are used in international competitions. As such, it is only available for competing purposes, and not for practicing.

I know if I wanted to sell my motorbike in Stoke or if I was into competing, spectating, or just wanted to get some practice in, the Stoke area is a great place to be as a biker. And, if you’re like myself who was eager to sell my motorbike in Stoke purely for the purpose of upgrading and getting a more powerful bike, We want your Motorbike has a quick valuation tool that will help you to ensure that you’ll get the best price possible.

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