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Sell my motorbike in Sunderland

Sell my motorbike in Sunderland

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A guide to riding your motorbike in Sunderland

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Biking routes near Sunderland

Interesting biking routes

Biker groups

Black angels

A guide to riding your motorbike in Sunderland

Sunderland is a town that has always embraced motorcycles. The sheer number of outlets, dealers, and re-sellers make this town a good place to both begin, as well as expand, on your motorcycling. There are a number of places here where you can sell, buy, repair, and upgrade your ride. Everything from pit bikes to cruisers and cafe racers can be found aplenty in Sunderland.

If you want to join a biking club, your options here are also numerous. The most famous among the Sunderland bikers is the Bad-Landers club. They are mostly a family and couple based club that ride Harleys on the weekends and have been doing it for well over a decade now. If you and your spouse are avid Harley fans, you might want to check out their site and contact them to learn more. They are also part of the North-East Coalition of Motorcycle Clubs.

Another option is the Sunderland District Motorcycle Club or the SDMCC. The oldest riding club in the district, it was set up in the year 1975 and has been active ever since. It was formed as a result of a few members of the Sunderland arrows wanting to branch off. While their numbers have reduced over the years, they used to be a 50 strong group in their time. The second generation club has, right now members ranging from the ages 20 to over 70. The SDMCC meets every Wednesday at the Cambridge Hotel, Sunderland. They ride everything from classic tourers to custom sports bikes. Their main event is the ‘out yer tree’ rally. Follow them on Facebook to learn more.

The Tridents Motorcycle Club, now no longer functional as a purely riding club, is still active as a social club that does go on the odd ride around. They were formerly part of the North-East Coalition of Motorcycle Clubs, but have since withdrawn.

A guide to riding your motorbike in Sunderland

Biking routes near Sunderland

With such a rich heritage in biking, the city and its surroundings are filled with a number of interesting biking routes.

The Washington- Durham- Richmond- Kendal- Alston- Wickham loop

It can be run either way and is about 205 miles long. If you are not up for the full run, you can always cut it short by taking the Appleby-in-Westmorland along the A66, through Barnard castle short cut. The route is a perfect for motorcycles and many are seen taking a long day of relaxing riding through this route. It is a long ride, so make sure both you and your bikes are in good running order, you do not want mechanical failure ruining your trips. Running 200 odd miles can take a whole day at a steady pace, so be sufficiently prepared. The roads are known to be wide and sweeping, an easy trail that does not need too much in terms of experience or even expertise. In fact, if you have a new bike, use this this route to acclimatise yourself with your ride. 

The Consett Run

A fast 20 mile run, it is perfect for those who like to open the taps a bit. You can cover it in no time as the roads are immaculate and smooth throughout. It being on the rural roads that connect a number of manufacturing plants like the UK branch of Nissan, you can expect heavy motor traffic like trucks and large lorries. You can simply weave through them and be on your way. There really isn’t much in the way of scenery on this stretch, so you will have fewer distractions. Police activity along this route can range from moderate to mild, so stick with the rules and you should have no issues on the road, both at night as well as day.

Lilacs and Wyola loop

A nice bit of rural roads make for a comfortable, scenic and peaceful riding. The loop is about 32 miles long and you can take a relaxing ride that goes on for about half a day, easily. There are a number of rivers and streams along the way, making for multiple picnic spots if you need them. If you are bringing a date along, this route is perfect, with the scenery as well as roads that offer some challenging corners and bends, it is delightful.

Biking routes near Sunderland

Biker groups

Sunderland has a rich history in terms of biking and biking groups. The most famous, or infamous among them, were the Black Angels. Immediately bringing a negative vibe, they stood for everything a biker gang did, or so it seemed. They were a group that was known to have the usual bad boy biker reputation, but were always on the front line when it came to charitable causes. They were, however, seldom appreciated, or even thanked. Set up in the 70’s by Dick Allan, they had, at one point, over 300 tough, yet misunderstood members.


Biker groups
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