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Sell my motorbike in Swindon

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If you simply love biking and want to ride in Swindon, read our guide below.


A guide to riding your motorbike in Swindon

Are you someone who’s planning to sell your bike in Swindon? Well, you surely won’t have any problems finding a buyer. Swindon’s residents have some sort of mystical bond with their bikes and there’s always someone in the market looking for one.

So, where does this bond between man and motorcycle come from? Well, no one really knows. But, we do know that Swindon is home to the Swindon Robins. Who are they? Well, they’re Swindon’s own speedway team and they aren’t just any old speedway team.

The Swindon Robins are the present Elite League Champions. They’re also one of the oldest speedway teams in the UK. The Swindon Robins have been operating since the late 40s, beginning their initial journey at the Abbey Stadium in Blunsdon. The team won the Elite League in 2012, which was a first in their 45 years of performance, and they currently hold a 95-89 winning aggregate against Poole.

Speaking of Speedway, the sport has been a part of Swindon’s culture since the 1920s. In fact, Speedway events were conducted at a track located in the Gorse Hill location between the ‘20s and ‘30s.

Swindon is also home to the Foxhill Motocross, which is located towards the south east at a distance of 6 miles from the town. The Foxhill Motocross has been thee hosting grounds for many Grand Prix events.

So, now you see why Swindon’s residents and bikes share a bond?

At the same time, this brings up an important matter. Buyers in Swindon really know their bikes and they can outwit you into selling yours for a pittance. To avoid this, get a professional valuation done for your bike. It’ll help you save money and earn a profit.

Other than that, make sure you have some fun with your bike because Swindon has plenty to offer bikers like us. Here are a few options.

Bike Rides

1. A420: Swindon – Oxford
This is route that lets you test the throttle a little bit. However, there is a problem with the traffic and also, a ton of speed cameras. But, the dual carriageways will make sure that you have enough room to overtake the trucks and cars.
There aren’t too many corners. However, there are some straight stretches where you can really test your bike in terms of speed. One such stretch is the one between Lechlade and Farringdon.
On the whole, the scenery, road surface, and visibility are above average. But, do watch out for police presence, which is quite high.
There is also a nice pub at Farringdon that serves a great cup of coffee.

Meeting Spots for Bikers

Swindon and the surrounding areas offer bikers a ton of hangout locations where they can meet and socialize. Here are some of the places that you can try.

1. Vale of the White Horse Inn

The Vale of the White Horse Inn, located at Minety, North Wiltshire is an excellent place for biker meet ups. The inn hosts a Biker BBQ every Thursday might, right through the summer. The ambiance is quite welcoming and the staff members are extremely courteous. The menu is quite satisfying as well and offers a special ‘Biker Burger’ that is made from locally sourced ingredients.
The inn also offers a lot of private parking space and there are plans to host many more biker themed parties and events. Customers predict that the inn will become a significant location for bikers from the Swindon and Wiltshire areas.

2. The Clearway

The Clearway, at Salisbury, Wiltshire is another popular biker hangout near Swindon. The place hosts a bike night on the first Thursday of each month at around 6 PM. However, it is limited only to the summer months. Clearway is very popular among the bikers of Swindon and Wiltshire.

Motorcycle Clubs (MCCs)

There are also a few MCCs in and around the Swindon area. Here are some of the more well-known ones.

1. South Shires Bikers MCC

The South Shires Bikers MCC was initially established as the Wessex Cruisers MCC and was aimed at cruiser or chopper owners. However, as membership requests kept dropping in, the initial founders realized that not everybody was into the cruiser/chopper scene. This combined with the fact that the club needed more funding for its charity runs, convinced the first members to convert the club into an all-inclusive one.

Today, the South Shires Bikers is home to all kinds of bikers from various walks of life. Most of the members come from the Counties of Berkshire, Hampshire, and Wiltshire.
The members of the MMC are friendly and are welcoming of anybody with a passion for riding motorcycles. The club, as indicated earlier, participates and conduct several charity runs, along with the usual rallies and ride-outs.

They are also very particular about safe riding and even have a motto that states “Never ride faster than your guardian angel can fly!”

Be aware as a biker riding round Swindon, the council runs a car share scheme which means there are less cars on the road (thumbs up to that) but in turn the council have cut down on the amount of parking spaces so you may find in the town its a bit difficult to park.

Also look out for a roundabout called the magic roundabout, it consists of five mini roundabouts and sits on the junction of five roads. Simply avoid it if you can as no one has a clue which lane they should be in! Here is a link with more details MAGIC ROUNDABOUT


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