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Sell my motorbike in Tamworth

Sell my motorbike in Tamworth

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A guide to riding your motorbike in Tamworth

Stunning castles

Tips to sell your bike in Tamworth

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Biking Routes in Tamworth

Donington park

A guide to riding your motorbike in Tamworth

Staffordshire’s second biggest settlement, Tamworth, is home to over 77,000 people. The town is named after River Tame that flows through the district.

Tamworth draws a good number of tourists for its historic attractions like Moat House and Tamworth Castle, which give you a sneak peek at how the Victorians, Saxons, Tudors and Normans lived back in the day.

Modern attractions like the Snowdome, the first indoor ski slope in the UK, garners foot traffic to the town of Tamworth as well. These local attractions are frequented by bikers looking for a scenic ride on weekends.

Leather-clad bikers take the scenic routes in and around Tamworth to explore new places and hone their riding skills. Tamworth’s geographical disposition allows bikers to explore many such interesting routes.

A guide to riding your motorbike in Tamworth

Tips to sell your bike in Tamworth

Bikers looking to sell their motorbikes to prospective buyers can find many opportunities if they go to the right places in Tamworth. It is always a good idea to meet prospective buyers at a public location rather than disclosing your residential address to them.

It makes sense to go to places that bikers usually visit, as it not just gives you a chance to show a prospective buyer your bike in a public location, but may also help you meet other prospective buyers in the process.

If a potential buyer wants to give your steed a test run before they take a call on whether or not they want to purchase the bike, then make sure that they are qualified to ride beforehand. Apart from biker-friendly places you can also visit local dealerships to sell your bike.

Just make sure that the dealership has an insurance coverage, so in case the bikes happen to suffer a theft or damage, your bike is covered, and you do not have to shell out money to recover it.

Let us take a look at routes and joints frequented by bikers in Tamworth, so you know where to look for prospective bike buyers.

Tips to sell your bike in Tamworth

Biking Routes in Tamworth

Tamworth to Appleby Magna, Leicestershire

This 7 mile route goes through the B5493, a route that takes you via many small villages and scenic countryside. Places you would want to stop by on the route are the SnowDome, Tamworth Castle, the Donington park Circuit and National memorial Arboretum. The route is fairly popular among bikers, and errant riding is not uncommon; the police often scout this route for the same reason.

Mile Oak to Tamworth

This biking route starts at Miles Oak, goes via Sutton road and A453. You then switch to the A51 onto Litchfield St and Aldergate. The River Tame passes by the route, making for a scenic ride. The route has a fair number of corners, allowing you to hone/test your riding skills on the trip.

Biker accommodation in Tamworth

Appleby Park Hotel: The Appleby Park Hotel is located between Nottingham and Birmingham on Tamworth’s outskirts. The hotel has over 95 suites with attractive décor and plush comfort, just what you need after a long day’s ride.

Visitors have access to free WiFi at the hotel, and its restaurants. The restaurant offers free parking facility to its visitors. The hotel is in close quarters to the Twycross zoo and Drayton Manor theme park, and makes for an easily accessible resthouse after sightseeing and biking.

Holiday Inn Express: The Holiday Inn Express is located right by the SnowDome in Tamworth. Bikers looking for a room with a view will find the Holiday Inn Express, perched by the Tamworth Castle lake, with its signature alpine style setting to their liking, as it is.

Patrons get a complimentary breakfast on their stay. The bar has a large flat-screen TV where you can catch the game as you down some drinks with your biker gang.

Biker hangout joints in Tamworth

Bassetts Pole: Bassetts Pole is popular among the biker circles in Tamworth. Bikers like to stop by here for some fresh pub grub. The restaurant has a laidback charm and sumptuous salad and grill food to satiate your appetite after a long ride.

Bassetts Pole has other biker-friendly events which draws people, other than the food itself. It holds many bikers’ meets- from informal catch-ups to road safety sessions.

The Trucker’s Rest: The Trucker’s Rest is a popular pitstop for bikers headed down the A5, Cannock, Staffordshire. Bikers can choose from generous servings of homemade-style food, and refreshing beverages. The joint also offers free parking for patrons for the first two hours, and nominal parking rates after.

The Rockbar: The Rockbar in Tamworth hosts many biker clubs and bands, and even Rock Disco events on certain days. Good music and good food make this a bustling hotspot in the vicinity. The atmosphere is warm, welcoming and friendly, and the perfect setting to interact with fellow bikers.

Biking Routes in Tamworth
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