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Sell my motorbike in Wigan

Sell my motorbike in Wigan

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A guide to riding your motorbike in Wigan

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Here is a list of few popular MCCs in and around Wigan.

The Owls MCC

The Swan2Wheels MCC

founded in 2010

A guide to riding your motorbike in Wigan

Are you a Wigan resident looking to sell your bike? Wigan is a place filled with bike enthusiasts of all kinds. You’d be surprised how much the average Wigan resident knows about bikes. Now, don’t get too excited because you’re going to find a ton of buyers.

Having a lot of buyers is a great thing, but do understand that these bike enthusiasts know what they’re doing, which means, the negotiations will often work out to their favor.

So, the best idea here would be to get a professional valuation done for your bike. That way, you won’t be fooled into selling your bike for much less than the actual worth.

Until then, make sure you enjoy everything that Wigan has on offer for bikers. Wigan is a place that celebrates biking culture. After all, it was once home to the Wigan Speedway.

Anyway, you’re probably wondering what a biker such as you can do in this lovely town. Well, you can start out by checking out these local MCCs (Motorcycle Clubs). Joining these clubs is the best way to experience Wigan’s biking scene.


A guide to riding your motorbike in Wigan

Here is a list of few popular MCCs in and around Wigan.

The Owls MCC: The Owls MCC is based in Standish and is relatively small compared to most other clubs. The group welcomes members from diverse backgrounds as long as they love bikes and enjoy going on rides. The group meets for ride outs on every Wednesday night at 7:00 PM.
Members also conduct ride-outs on the weekends, mostly on Sundays, and even go on holiday excursions.
For the Wednesday ride-outs, members meet at the BP service station, which can be found off Junction 27 on the M6. The MCC welcomes visitors.
On Thursdays, the club’s semi-formal meetings are held to discuss club related topics. The meetings are held at the Globe Pub and they start at around 8:00 PM.

Wigan Pie Eaters MCC:

The Wigan Pie Eaters MCC was established in 1982 with an original member count of 15 bikers. The club mainly serves as a social group, welcoming bikers of all kinds. In the beginning, club meetings would be held at the Bowling Green Pub.
Presently, the club meets at the Crooke Hall Inn at Crooke Village.
The MCC conducted its first rally in 1985. It was called the “The Wigan Pier Rally” and was held at Lowton’s Plank Lane. The rally continued for many years and was held at various locations before settling at the Wigan RUFC Club near Wigan Lake. The rally was also renamed as “The Shake It In’t Summer Bash” and that name has been in use for 10 years now.
The MCC also hosts an Easter Egg Run every year, where members spend their time handing out eggs to the Ladies Lane Community Centre at Hindley. The Community Centre is provides care to young children suffering from all varieties of ailments.
The Easter Egg Run is open to anyone for participation.

Here is a list of few popular MCCs in and around Wigan.

The Swan2Wheels MCC

The Swan2Wheels MCC: The Swan2Wheels MCC was established in November 2010 by group of local bikers and their respective families, who were regular visitors to The Swan hostelry. This is how the MCC came up with the name, Swan2Wheels. Since its establishment, the club has now grown to accommodate several members, which also led them to change their meeting location.

The MCC is open to anybody as long as they share a love for bikes and biking. Men, women, and amateur/professional riders are all welcome to join the MCC.

Ride outs are normally conducted over the weekends. However, during the summer, the MCC occasionally conducts an evening ride out on week days.
The MCC is a family oriented one and often encourages families to take part in club activities. It is not uncommon to find members organizing parties, camping trips or fun days etc.

Those interested in becoming a member can mail the MCC at

Westhoughton MCC: The Westhoughton MCC was founded in 1987, making it one of the older MCCs in the Wigan area.

Members meet every second and fourth Monday of the month at The Wheatsheaf on Market Street, Westhoughton. The meetings begin at 8 in the morning.

The MCC conducts ride-outs on most weekends between the months of March and October. The ride-outs usually start from the Toby Carver Car Park over at the A580 in Lowton.

The club is open to bikers of all kinds. However, there is a membership fee to be paid, which costs around 12 pounds for initial enrollment. The post-membership fee is just ten pounds per year.

Preston & District MCC: The Preston & District MCC was setup sometime in the early 70s and is oriented towards conducting Road Race meet-ups for members. They welcome riders from all levels and backgrounds.

Meetings take place at the Three Sisters in Wigan. Even non-bikers are allowed to join as long as they are ready to take on other tasks in support of the club.

The Swan2Wheels MCC
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