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Sell my motorbike in Worthing

Sell my motorbike in Worthing

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A guide to riding your motorbike in Worthing

Worthing Pier

Worthing Trials Club

Motocross tracks

Food and drink

Camping too

A guide to riding your motorbike in Worthing

If you are planning to sell your motorcycle in Worthing, UK, it is a good idea to get a professional valuation of your bike beforehand. The good people of Worthing have a lot of experience with motorcycles.

In fact, the Worthing Trials Club is located right here, and they hold regular trials for dirt bike riders at various locations around Worthing. The competitions are held in various categories, and for those not familiar with handling a dirt bike, there are entry-level courses.

This area has several motocross tracks. Some of them are:

A guide to riding your motorbike in Worthing

Worthing Trials Club

Golden Barn Raceway: This is a professional racetrack, and Yamaha holds its Off-Road Experience here twice a month.

Ringmer Motocross Track: This is where you go if you are just starting to learn. Everything here is man-made – it was a previously a flat farm before. Because it is meant for beginners, you can find a mixture of jumps here. It is about 22 miles from Worthing.

Churchill MX Practice Track: Although it calls itself a practice track, there are marshals on site, as well as first aid. Laying an emphasis on safety, only up to four people are allowed on to the track at any given time.

West Meon Motocross Track: If you are not a motocross rider yet, you can come here to see how it is done. 95% of the course can be seen from the spectator area, and the track itself is quite challenging, even featuring a bomb hole. There are even separate sessions for kids.

Worthing Trials Club

Food and drink

The Gun Inn: Popularly earlier as a pub, it is a full restaurant now; with some great food that has been winning more favourable reviews than the beer.

The Fox Patching Inn: This is a place that retains its old-world charm. But the food here is better than what you find at a lot of restaurants in Worthing.

Toby Carvery: Almost everyone who has visited here raves about the food and service. The best part is, it is an all-you-can-eat place, so not only can you enjoy some lip-smacking food, you can fill you tummy to your heart’s content.

Beach House: An European style cafe, the beers are excellent, and so is the food – the only problem is that there is just one chef and they serve everything fresh, so even those who order burgers might find the wait longer than at McDonald’s. However, those who have tasted the food say it is worth the wait. It is also a dog-friendly place.

Experience the great outdoors – go camping!

Hale Farm: This is a great place for a spectacular view of the sunrise. So you could camp overnight, experience the rising sun and finish off your visit with some sausage and free-range eggs for breakfast. There are also pigs, geese, ducks, chickens, donkeys, sheep and goats, as well as Tilly the pony. You can feed them on the first day of your arrival.

Fox Wood: Ever seen those breathtakingly amazing pictures of scenery that are offered as wallpaper for your desktop and wondered where they were clicked? Fox Wood is a site where you can take some lovely pictures of nature, so don’t forget your camera. To keep things they are, vehicles are not allowed on site – this way, it remains beautiful right from the start.

Idle Hours Owlsbury Park: There are several lakes here where you can indulge in fishing, if that interests you. You can hire tackle and fish under supervision. Despite its name, no owls have been sighted, but foxes and deer can indeed be seen.

Brocklands Farm: This is a place where you tend to be baffled by where exactly the campsite is – there are acres and acres of green. And because of that, it is unlikely that you will be disturbed by anyone during your visit – it is perfect for those who want to enjoy a quiet camping experience.

Watercress Lodges: At the Ropley station, which is about two minutes walking distance from here, ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ events are conducted regularly. A railway bridge that was immortalised in the Harry Potter movie series can also be found nearby.

Roebeck: There is a stunningly beautiful lake here where you can go fishing and catch some carp while you are at it.

Top Paddock: English countryside at its best, if you have every wanted to experience it unadulterated.

Old Barn: The beach is just five minutes down the road, so this is the place to stay if the sun and the sand beneath your toes is what you want to experience. There is also a large store half a mile away in case you want to buy anything, and you can also refuel your bike there.

Hook Farm: There is the outdoors, of course, and this place also allows you to experience first-hand a true English tradition – clay pigeon shooting.

Food and drink
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