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Sell My Triumph Motorbike

Sell My Triumph Motorbike

Thinking of selling your motorbike? Then you’ve come to the right place, because we buy any Triumph.

Triumph is the longest-standing British manufacturer of motorbikes, having been founded in 1885 and regularly produced motorcycles since 1902. Triumphs are, and always will be, a classic. If you’re looking to sell your motorbike, why not request a free valuation today?

A short history of Triumph

In 1915, the “Trusty Triumph”, or Triumph Model H to use its formal name, was produced to support the Allied troops in the First World War. The British Government sought these bikes to ease communications with front line troops, and over 30,000 Model H bikes had been made by the war’s end. The Model H made Triumph a household name, encouraged by the company’s own advertising slogan since 2010, “Trusty Triumph”. The bike was indeed reliable – and so “trusty” – in wartime conditions. Even after the discontinuation of the Model H in the early 1920’s, Triumph was a leading British motorcycle maker in that decade. It boasted a manufacturing plant covering 500,000 square feet within which thousands of bikes were annually made. Triumph released successive refined roadster bikes until 1937, when the 500cc Speed Twin was launched to become the quintessential British bike. In fact, it remained as the basis for follow-up Triumph twin models until the 1980’s. By the 1950’s, Triumph’s Thunderbird line and the TR6 Trophy, infamously ridden by Steve McQueen in The Great Escape, made the brand a major British export that became loved worldwide. The brand also got a further promotional boost in the United States, already one of its largest markets at the time, when Marlon Brando appeared riding a 1950 Thunderbird 6T in 1953 hit film The Wild One. Today, however, many Triumph enthusiasts consider the 1969 Bonneville to be the best motorcycle Triumph have ever put to market. It was actually in 1969 that Malcolm Uphill tasted victory in the Isle of Man Production TT race while riding a Bonneville. The modern Triumph brand certainly hasn’t forgotten its impressive history; it continues to make bikes sharing the names of classic Triumph models, including the Bonneville name. Triumph’s prestige has such entered the realm of legend that you only have to say the words Bonneville, Sprint, Tiger, Dayton or Hurricane to spark nostalgia in any motorbike enthusiast. Adopted by the military, police forces at home and overseas and civilian riders alike, these motorbikes are, both in terms of performance and emotional appeal, quite literally a Triumph.

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