Selling Bikes in the UK

If you’re trying to sell a motorbike you know it can be hard to find a reputable UK bike buyer and trying to haggle the right price most of the time leaves you with the worse end of the deal. We know how important it is for you to get a fair price for your pride and joy after all the hours of work you’ve put into maintaining the bike and keeping its value.   

Bike Buyers Online

The internet has allowed anyone trying to shift there bike to get it seen and bought quicker than ever selling your bike to an online bike buyer has become probably the most popular way to do it. The great thing about going through an online bike buying business is that the people you are selling to know there stuff, they know exactly what the bike is worth and can give you a fare and straight forward offer on your ride.  As anyone selling a motorbike will tell you there’s nothing more frustrating than a person getting in touch, showing interest, agreeing on a price and then backing out at the last minute making you start the process all over again. This happens a lot and it wastes so much time and effort, this is where bike businesses come in again the reliability of this method is brilliant when they say they want to buy your bike they mean it, there’s no backwards and forwards, beating around the bush or backing out last minute if you’re told they want your bike they will buy it!  

Bike Buyers Direct

Selling your ride direct to an individual can be a more complicated process, some business will collect your from any location but when it comes to a direct sale it all gets bit messy. Do you deliver it? Does the person collect? Will they be insured? Are there any extra costs? Does the buyer live close enough? And all sorts of other questions you need to sort out with your buyer. An online bike buyer  business are experienced in this already they can make it pretty hassles free for you if you pick the right business to sell to!  One thing selling direct to a biker does have over an buying business is you know who’s going to own the bike and you can guess if this person is going to take care of your bike the same way you do selling direct to a biker does give you that small peace of mind.    

Bike Buyer UK

The market for second hand bikes in the UK is huge is already growing as is demand so its great time to sell your bike. We have a couple of tips to help you sell your bike UK for you:

-If you decide to sell your bike privately, be very aware that sometimes thieves will pose as buyers and end up half way done the road on your bike before any money has changed hands. A genuine buyer will always come to view the bike before making any decisions about buying it. Beware! 

-If potential buyers want to test ride take precautions. Make sure this person isn’t just going to ride off into the sunset on your bike firstly by making sure they are a genuine buyer and also check the persons insurance before they step foot on the bike or change your own insurance to cover the test ride. If you aren’t careful you can end up with no bike and no money to show for it..

-Don’t let the bike change hands until you know you have the money. It might seem a bit obvious but it’s crucial to selling a bike.

-Understand the different methods of payment an instant bank transfer is always a good way to do business you can check on your online banking the right money is in your account and let the buyer on their way. Be more aware of cheque payments, a cheque might be fake or it could bounce when you try to cash it at the bank in this case you will have no idea you’ve been scammed until your bike is long gone.

-Remember you need to inform the DVLA of the change of ownership of the bike and give the new owner all the necessary documentation this includes, MOT certificate, service books and any spare keys.

So when you are selling your motorbike take precautions and make sure you use the right method for you be it a private sale or using companies for bike buyers online. If you are looking for quick painless sale and a fair price a bike buyer online business is probably the way for you. If you don’t mind all the hassle and back and forward a private sale might be your way to go!   

Let us give you a quote on your motorbike and take away the hassle of the sale.

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