The Suzuki SFV650 is the latest iteration of an older running model, the Gladius. Unlike its predecessors, the colour scheme is male oriented. It is equipped with a 645cc V-twin engine that was last updated in 2009. The revised camshaft profiles offered increased power when higher revolutions come into play. The crankshaft inertia is now 10 percent more compared to the previous model. This increase smoothed the midrange. Vibrations are kept in check.

Engine and chassis

The Suzuki SFV650 is native to tight sections of road. The engine is a versatile one. It seamlessly builds power through the complete rev range. The bike has sufficient pep to accelerate away from most cars without any lag anticipated from a standard lightweight motorcycle. The excellent performance does not occur at a compromise of low end propulsion. Sufficient torque exists to push the bike away from corners and signals. Vibrations are non-existent at any rev range. The six speed transmission is without faults.

The chassis of the Suzuki SFV650 functions excellently at its affordable price range. It is not a sportbike. Steering is quick. The low centre of gravity of the bike imparts a light feel at tight corners. The bike’s preload-adjustable shock uncontrollably moves around when the bike gets ridden through canyons with aggression. In a sentence,  the bike is comfortable in all environs.

Control and brakes

Suzuki bikes are known for their ability to make the new riders feel that they have complete control. The Suzuki SFV650 is no different. There are a number of noteworthy changes as well. There is a little increase in the trail. The engineers have switched to steel tube frame which helped to drop the seat height of the bike from 31.5 inches to a friendlier 30.9 inches. A new seat has complemented the change. This change has helped shorter riders to plant feet sans the tear of any hamstrings. The handlebar is generously bent and the rider triangle makes for a superb trip ride. However, the controls and the ergonomics are not perfect. Handlebar feels too narrow. The seat is crafted around a thin foam slice which imparts a tight fit like feeling between the seat and the foot-peg gap. Taller riders can opt for 20mm taller seat. An optional windscreen offers wind protection while riding down the road.

The brake collection of Suzuki SFV650 consists of single piston rear caliper. The latter clamps on a 240mm disc. These brakes do their job superlatively. The performance overall is ordinary. The rider will feel a lack of power. Then again, the brakes are quite effective. The finish of the Suzuki SFV650 is impressive. The steel tube frame appears chic. The tank or frame covers are an excellent touch.

In short, the Suzuki SFV650 makes an excellent bike for first time riders. It also brings to the sportbike enthusiast adequate levels of performance. The change of colour to the bike body is expected to appeal to a broader audience. However, sales of the bike at the present time could be a little slow. This is as the comparable Ninja 650 from Kawasaki is a little cheaper.

Suzuki SFV650 Review by We Want Your Motorbike

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