There are moments when riding a motorbike is joyful. While every rider has his or her own favourite conditions and routes, there are a few parts of the riding experience which every rider comes to love. One universal treat for motorcyclists is taking on a corner.

Corners can be exhilarating, but they can also be dangerous. Here, we at We Want Your Motorbike take a look at how best to prepare for cornering on your motorcycle in such a way that allows you to have fun without putting your safety at risk.

Know That Not All Approaches Are The Same

Each and every corner is different in one way or another. One particularly important difference is between rural and urban roads. Country roads are typically less predictable than those in inner cities, and your view could be obscured by trees.

The key thing for motorcyclists to understand here is that no corner is predictable because no corner is like the last. If you don’t know what’s waiting for you around the bend, assume the worst and slow right down.

Recognising Hazards

While it helps to know the corners you’re riding around, we all have to go around each corner for the first time. The good news is that hazard signs do exist. Local authorities in the UK do a good job of signposting sharp turns. These may be indicated by signs painted on the road, chevrons that direct you around a turn or via signposts.

The important thing to remember is that signs are put up for a reason. If a corner doesn’t look that sharp but is signposted, always place your trust in the sign.

Know your Bike

It is the rider’s responsibility to take a corner at the correct speed, having taken into account the lie of the land. But the motorcyclist’s judgement shouldn’t end there. Another important factor in determining the correct speed at which to take a corner is your bike.

Every bike is different, as every biker knows. From the weight of your bike to the grip of your tyres, the better you know your bike, the safer you’ll be on the road.

Speed isn’t Everything

A final thing to consider is that speed isn’t everything. A perfect corner involves intelligent weight distribution and making appropriate changes in your velocity. There’s no talent in taking a corner too quickly and risking your safety of the safety of others.

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