The BMW R1200GS series is one of BMW’s most popular and best selling models of all time. The R1200GS comes in two different versions: the regular model and the Adventure model. The Adventure is equipped with greater fuel storage and bigger travel suspension, making it more ideal for people who enjoy long bike rides.

The GS series has long been a standard bearer for BMW, and the R1200GS was named ‘the most successful bike of the last two and a half decades’ by Cycle Word. The bike is also credited with being one of the creators of the adventure touring division. The GS is still the dominant force in adventure touring today, despite the enhanced level of competition.

The Ralleye and the Exclusive

The 2017 version of the R1200GS will come in two different iterations apart from the traditional Adventure model. The two variants are the Ralleye and the Exclusive. The former is designed with aggressive off-road in mind. Its suspension is harder so it can withstand the harder demands of hard riding. The bike features a flat, single Rally seat, cross-spoke wheels, a relatively small wind shield, frame and radiator guards, and optional knobby dual-sport tires.

The Exclusive model has been developed with the regular tourer in mind, who isn’t likely to engage in an heavy amount of off-road riding. The bike comes with the traditional two piece seat, gold-plated brake callipers, a black drivetrain, a front fender equipped with a splash guard, an Agate Grey metallic frame, and Monolith metallic matt finish gas tank side panels.  The Exclusive features cast wheels while its counterpart the Ralleye comes with cross-spoke wheels.

Electronic updates

The latest versions of the GS feature completely updated electronics. The standard, stock bikes come with two distinct riding modes: Rain and Road. You have the option of upgrading even further. The bike comes with an optional Riding Modes Pro function that allows you to choose between four different modes: Dynamic, Enduro, Dynamic Pro, ad Enduro Pro. All of these modes incorporate an exhaustive list of controls.

You get other riding modes as well. The bike comes with advanced traction control and ABS modes that change based on the bike’s lean angle and the Hill Start Control feature. The HSC allows you to start even if you are stuck on a dirt road that is steeply inclined.

The Dynamic ESA electronic suspension, dubbed ‘Next Generation’ suspension, adjusts to suit your road conditions and your physical load. It comes with a self levelling function that allows the bike to use automatic spring preload adjustments to adjust itself for additional load.

What other updates do the models have?

The new models feature BMW’s famed air/liquid cooled boxer engine. The engine comes with reworked transmission shafts and a redesigned catalytic converter. The transmission shaft is also equipped with a judder damper.

Both these new models meet the new Euro 4 emission standards. The bike has received no significant performance upgrade or modification as the 2017 models are about maintaining existing standards of the brand while meeting new emission requirements.

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