You are likely to have heard this name, but you will not have been able to purchase a new model for last 30 years, until now. Tomos are back! The Slovenian beauties have returned to the UK marketplace with a sense of vigour. Self-admittedly sleek, speedy, environmentally friendly and international, Tomos are renowned for their quality manufacturing and classic look.

So where have they been? Good question. Well nobody knows, but all that matters is that they are back!

So what is new model offering?… sleek 1950’s fashion, at a reasonable cost. The new release is the Tomos Classic XL moped. This little beauty can be ridden anywhere, therefore, suitable for country folks, city slickers or any definition in-between. Plus it weights roughly as much as me 57kg , has a quirky pedal start and an automatic gear box to boot.

There are three different colours that these pocket rockets can be found in currently; Baby Blue, Mint Green, and Shadow Black. With delivery times as early as 14 days what is not to like?

As I mentioned earlier these models are ‘reasonably priced’. The current model weighs in at a cost of £1,395; a price worth paying for an iconic piece of kit.

Delivery ranges from between £25- £100 dependent on your location in the UK. So why not get your own piece of the 1950’s with a 21st century engine? If you want to replace your current scooter or motorbike with this little number but cannot afford it, why not let We Want Your Motorbike buy your bike for cash, so that you can put this cash towards your own personal Tomos.

We buy any bike, whether old or new fill in our simple form to  see what your bike is worth today.

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