Did you ever imagine that you could get a BMW roadster for less than £4,500? Well, if you have ever dreamed of it, then your dreams have come true with the all-new BMW G 310 R. Granted, with a 313cc single-cylinder engine, it is a smaller bike than the 500cc class bikes. In fact, it is the smallest that BMW has manufactured since the 1948 R24. Still, it is a well-engineered bike with which BMW is hoping to tap into the crowded urban markets, and markets outside Europe like Asia and South America that have a high demand for bikes below the 500cc mark. In an attempt to improve their global share in the market, BMW will be building and assembling the ‘designed-in-Munich’ G 310 Rs in India. Of course, the company guarantees German quality standards, with all the tools and equipment being shipped to the plants in India from Germany.

Following are the features and specifications of BMW G 310 R.

Features and specifications

Launched in the UK in October, pricing starts at £4,290, which makes it an entry-level motorbike. At 350 pounds (or 158.75 kg), the G 310 R is a light-weight, but do not let it fool you into thinking it can’t pull much weight. Its power train consists of a 313cc liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, single cylinder engine that can generate 34 brake horsepower and 28Nm (or 20.6 pound-feet) of torque at 9,500 rpm, which is pretty good for such a small bike. The engine has a 10.6:1 compression ratio with electronic fuel injection mixture control. Top speed is estimated at around 90 miles/hour and mileage at around 18.8 miles/litre, with an 11-litre fuel tank capacity. The bike is 1,988mm (78.3 inches) long and 1,227mm (48.3 inches) high. In typical BMW fashion, the bike will be available with customisations.

Even at its low price, the G 310 R still has the BMW class to it, with high-quality materials and finish completing it’s world-class standard look. Its design seems influenced by the R1200R and S1000R and its engine incorporates technology used in the S1000RR. The cylinder is tilted to the rear and its head rotated 180° to lower the bike’s centre of gravity, making the G 310 R easy to control. Stability in handling is provided by wide tyres and a low ride that allows for a longer swing arm (which is detailed aluminium) with the seat height at just 785mm. The low price also does not affect the styling of the bike, with a sporty and powerful headlight, a dynamic fuel tank trim, and a distinctive rear design. The low, short seat accentuates its roadster design. Technology on the G 310 R is also impressive, with standard ABS, just like on its more expensive brethren, and anodised inverted fork and brake caliper.

The G 310 R is perfect for riding in bustling cities, being just the right size and easy manoeuvrability. It is light-weight but has enough oomph to zoom you across busy streets with ease and style.

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