The Yamaha YZF R125 is the starting model of Yamaha’s famed supersport YZF range. Introduced in 2008, the R125 has raised the limits and redefined what is possible with a 125-cc engine. It is one of Yamaha’s most famous bikes and it is perfect for beginners as it is not too intimidating. The bike has a sharp, aggressive look and it is ideal for track usage. It’s aggressive riding posture can be tiring at first, but you will get used to it relatively quickly the posture is designed to provide the rider with as much control as possible. The 2017 iteration is available in black, red, and blue.

Engine specifications

The engine is a single-cylinder, four-stroke, liquid cooled engine with a displacement of 124.7 cc. Powered by a modern electronic fuel injection system, the R125 displaces a maximum torque of 12.4 Nm @ 8,000 rpm, while its maximum power stretches up to 11 kW @ 9,000 rpm.

All the iterations of the bike until now have featured a cutting edge six-speed transmission system that creates a butter smooth experience for the rider when it comes to changing the transmission. The engine also features a free-revving short stroke configuration that provides the rider with incredibly responsive acceleration. The R125 is surprisingly fuel efficient considering its design and main strengths, and it gives you an incredible combination of economy and performance.


Inspired by the legendary duo R6 and R1, the R125’s R-series DNA stands out clearly when you set your eyes upon it. The headlights and the central air intakes are R6-inspired¬† and it gives the bike a genuine sports bike look. The body has been beautifully crafted to maximize the aerodynamics at hand in order provide maximum control and riding excitement.

The exquisitely crafted aluminium swing arm is reminiscent of every other bike in the R-series staple, designed to maximize handling and provide an unmatched level of confidence. Some of its most critical parts are made from aluminium such as the footrests, the brake pedal, and the shift lever.


The bike is equipped with stubbornly rigid front forks that provide you with an incredible degree of handling and riding comfort and control. The front forks are upside down telescopic forks that give you an excellent level of responsiveness.

The YZF R125’s advanced braking system comes with ABS as an option. The bike features two hydraulic single-disc brake pads for each tyre with the front pad 292 mm wide and the rear pad 230 mm wide. The high tech, radially mounted callipers are like any other Yamaha sports beast, giving the rider an outstandingly effective braking response and performance. The bike stops almost instantaneously and it has the ideal braking system for a track bike. If you are purchasing it for track purposes, we recommend getting the model with the ABS.

The R125 is the perfect beginner’s bike and actually a quite comfortable bike. It provides you with the racing feel at a budget and allows you to test your capabilities before scaling up.

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