Things No One Tells You when you become a Biker…

Motorbikes, they’re bad-ass, fast; sexy, efficient, freeing and are honestly probably the coolest mode of transport you can choose to get around on. Now you’ve lived like a hobo for the last year and put aside just enough cash to buy that dream machine these are the things you can’t wait to experience you’re ready to step into a world full of leather, petrol and free of rush hour traffic. While this is all true enough there are few things that no one ever lets on about before you jump behind the handle bars.

Bees and Wasps and Bugs are now your Worst Enemy… bumble-bee

There was no need to have a grudge against the humble bee before you got a on a bike, the fluffy little bugs just buzz around making us honey and keeping our plants growing, the best thing about bees is that if you leave them alone they won’t bother you right? Wrong! On a bike it’s a whole different story, behind the wheels of a CBR or a Ninja a bee becomes heat seeking missile, if you hit a bee or a wasp at 30mph on a bit of exposed skin (and trust me sods law dictates that if you have tiniest bit of skin uncovered a bug will find it with laser precision) it’s gonna hurt, believe it or not it’s like being snapped with a rubber band at close range ouch. Alright maybe you can deal with that, fair enough you’re a grown up and a tiny wasp isn’t going to put you off riding, until it gets in your helmet, that’s when the panic starts.  There’s nothing more fun than hurtling down a country road at 70mph when you here faint buzzing sound your stomach drops and you just hope a part of you gear is a bit loose, the buzzing gets louder and you see a flash of yellow in the corner of your eye. That’s right wasps have got a terrifying skill for getting into completely sealed, entirely waterproof gear like a ninja. The one upside to this is might make a drivers day when they see a big burly biker jumping around and stripping at the side of the road trying to shake a bee out of your pants. 

There’s no such thing as a Short Cut Anymore short-cut

Back when you were boring and drove car everywhere your commute would consist of trying to find quickest route possible and obsessing over traffic trying to get you metal box to and from work as quick as possible. On a bike it a whole other story instead of trying to get from A- B as quick as you can it turns into a game of finding excuses to go out your way. You need to pick up milk on the way home? I’m sure there’s Tesco about 6 miles off your normal route. When you love riding your bike and can glide by the side of traffic jams you can’t help but hope for a long trip out whenever you can! Owning a bike is so much more than getting from one point to another it’s an experience that goes beyond commuting it’s all about getting from one place to another and having a great time in between.  

The Money doesn’t stop there! money-pounds

If you’ve bought a bike you’ve obviously done your research (we hope) so you know about the costs that come along with owning a bike, insurance, TAX, servicing etc.  You might think you’ve budgeted for everything but with a motorbike you can never really predict how much you’re going to spend on it because with new boots here and a re-spray there the money just keeps piling up and up. Obviously you don’t need to spend a fortune on your bike and you’ll probably start off trying not to but sooner or later the money’s going to start pouring out of your pockets because at the end of the day it’s your pride and joy so whether you like it or not you’re going to treat it like your baby whether its professional washes, waxes, new tyres, re-sprays etc.

Peer Pressure is your other Worst Enemy peer-pressure

Chances are your mates are probably just as pumped as you about your new bike and they want to join in on the fun… It starts with posing for a cool Face Book picture which is fair enough you let them hop on for a photo but when the requests start getting bigger and bigger is when you have an issue. Trust me your friend Steve from the pub who’s never owned a bike in his life let alone done any type of training cannot take your bike for spin round the block it won’t end well for anyone whether it’s Steve in hospital or you left with half a motorbike and Steve trying to explain how it’s not his fault.

You’re a Professional Weatherman weather-man

As a car driver you never had to worry about the weather to much unless there was a hurricane on the way or three feet of snow. As a biker the weather is now critical to your day to day life which is a massive pain in the back side, you’ll be keeping an eye on the weather constantly and planning your life around it! Is it going to rain? What time will it rain? Will the rain be to hard the ride in? Will it be too cold to ride? Will it be to hot ride?  Basically you’re going to be the office weatherman, you can tell anyone when it’s going to rain and what temperature it’s going to be all week simply because if you want to plan any rides you need to know. You need make sure you’re adapted to whatever the weather throws at you because a slip in the rain could cost a whole lot!  


Motorbike weatherman
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