We believe that the crowning glory of riding a motorbike is the freedom it affords you. The reason a motorbike is so much more freeing than other forms of transport is that it isn’t restricted by the movements of traffic. Passing the final car at the front of a line of traffic can give a euphoric feeling which only motorcyclists can ever know.

Overtaking is a beautiful thing, but there are dangers which come with it. Needless to say, overtaking is only enjoyable if you get it right.

Here, we take a look at some of the basics you’ll need to wrap your head around before overtaking with confidence.

Keep your Distance

Many riders think that it pays to get as close as possible to the vehicle you’ll be overtaking, but this is not true. Sitting tight on the vehicle in front of you is not only dangerous in its own right, but it is not the best way to look ahead for an opportunity.

Particularly when overtaking larger vehicles, the best view can be achieved from some way back. Only when you’ve spotted an appropriate space to overtake should you begin to gain on the vehicle in front.

Get a Good Run Up

One more reason it pays to keep your distance is that you’ll need a run up which allows you a number of advantages.

First of all, it gives you time to ensure that the acceleration you gain is sufficient to pass the vehicle in front. Sometimes riders of smaller bikes underestimate their ability to pass and can struggle to get round in time so it’s important you evaluate this carefully.

The second reason to get a run up is that it reduces the amount of time you spend outside of your correct lane. It is when you’re outside of your lane that you are most vulnerable so it makes a lot of sense to do as much of the manoeuvre in your lane as possible. A run up will also afford the driver in front more time to recognise what is going on and act accordingly by remaining in their lane and allowing you sufficient space to pass.

Being Overtaken

Motorcyclists aren’t exempt from being overtaken themselves, either by other bikes or by cars.

This is one more reason that it pays to check your mirrors on a regular basis, even when you don’t think there’s any danger behind you. It is particularly important to check your mirrors before moving to the left or right of your lane and ensure you won’t be placing yourself in the path of another vehicle.

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