Motorbikes are one of the most popular hobbies among adult men in the UK. There’s nothing quite like clambering onto one of these nippy, surprisingly light but also frequently high-performance two-wheeled machines, and taking it down your favourite road. You may catch no shortage of flies in your teeth, but that’s very much part of the thrill.

There’s no question that people are passionate about their motorbikes, and with so many magazines and websites out there advertising the latest model, it might not be so surprising that you want to sell your existing bike. An obvious step is to try to sell your bike privately, but this brings with it certain disadvantages that may lead you to consider a service like that of

Avoid the stress, hassle and expense of selling privately

It might be the case that as eager as you are to sell your motorcycle, you have a busy lifestyle and just don’t have the time to spend on preparing your bike for sale or giving demonstrations. You may also be wary of inviting strangers into your home and allowing anyone to have a test ride, given that they may not have adequate insurance or even come back!

It’s also possible that the prospective buyer will try to haggle with you on the price, and this can be an awkward position to be in, especially if you are uncertain of an appropriate price for your bike. Yes, you may have seen certain prices being advertised for similar models on sites like eBay or in the classifieds sections of popular magazines, but how do you know how reasonable such a price is right now, given current market conditions? In any case, it’s way too easy to just accept any ‘on the spot’ cash offer for your bike, out of desperation to get rid of it and move on to that exciting new model. It’s a definite recipe for regret.

We’re serious when we say we want any bike

Compare this to the certainty that is provided by our own service here at Our service is highly professional and responsive. We have a no haggle policy, buy bikes within 24 hours with cash or via an instant bank transfer and collect for free nationwide. Above all else, we want any bike, and are prepared to pay the going rate for yours. That means that on the same day you get in touch with us, we’ll get your bike valued, and you can expect that to be followed by a fair offer.

Simply visit our website now to get started with the process of selling your motorbike to us. As we state above, we are quite serious when we say that we want any bike. Whether your motorcycle is a scooter, a larger-engine bike or anything in-between, we’re happy to do business. All that you have to do is provide us with your bike’s registration number online, to get started a process that takes so much of the hassle and worry out of selling a motorbike. Then, you can look forward to buying that brand new model…

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