Hands down, Yamaha MT09 is the best bike in today’s market in terms of value for money and performance. Priced at £7349, MT09 has received a series of new updates to improve its performance.

MT09 debuted in the European market in 2013. The 847cc engine stirred a passion with its superlative performance, powerful engine, and superior handling. The only complaint in this otherwise perfect bike was its snatchy throttle response. The naked bike styled like a supermoto is a favourite pick for anyone who wishes to own a powerful yet affordable bike.

Specification – What’s new

At first glance, the new MT09 looks like the older one. On closer inspection, the subtle differences are noticed. One obvious new addition is the increased number of headlights, where there was just one, now there is a pair. This makes the bike look like its burly older sibling MT10. The light at the back (tail lights) has also received a design change.

Look down to the engine and the design difference in the radiator cowls is noticed. It now has bigger air scoops instead of being mere inlets, on either side flanking the tank. The air scoops lack an induction function.

What remains the same is the aluminium frame (a smart move since the older one is highly efficient and does not require any design changes, for now). The ergonomic is slightly altered, though, the seat height is increased slightly (5mm).

While the design overhaul is not radical, there are significant improvements in terms of equipment. This includes a separate control for forks damping attached to a rebound adjustment system on the right, adjustable pre-load, and a brand new adjustment compressor for the left. The result is a faster up-shift. This system improves the functioning of the previous rider aid system which included power modes, dual level traction control, and ABS.

As the new MT09 has a quick shifter system, the necessity for frequent gear changes is removed. The engine performance is maxed out and the feel is as close as one can get to the R1.


The refining of the engine mapping has noticeably increased the bike’s performance. The D-Mode is not as aggressive and the standard mode still remains in the A and B mode. The maximum performance delivered in the A mode and standard is 113.5bhp and at B level there is a drop by 3rpm because in this mode the engine holds back from maxing out. Switching between modes is smooth. All the rider has to do is press on the right-side button on the handlebar to shut the throttle momentarily. B mode, although 3rpm lower, still offers a good ride experience. There is an obvious power surge when the throttle is pushed. This mode is best suited for city riding when there is no choice but to refrain from maxing out or when the roads are slippery. The standard mode is best for beginners.

The power to weight ratio of the MT09 series and the bucket load torque remain exemplary. The wide handlebars give the rider a feeling similar to a supermoto styled machine. A bike this fast does not disappoint in the braking department. The road grip is best in class. No matter the speed or the road condition, MT09 will not let the rider down.



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