The Yamaha V-Max Cruiser’s V4 motor churns out 197bhp. The motorcycling acceleration is intensely exhilarating. The motorbike is a crowd puller. It is also comfortable and classy. The bike is nearly a practical mechanical steed. It is not a cheap motorcycle. The carbon version, although more pricey, is worth it.

When it comes to the Yamaha V-Max Cruiser, the Yamaha bike company has left no mechanicals unturned to rephrase its iconic VMAX of the 1980s. The brand new version of the US-designed hot rod has a unique V4 engine pumping out 1679cc. The Japanese company has paid sharp attention to details and has high specification radial parts. The build quality is an excellent one. Yamaha has given the bike a few neat touches. One of them being the impeccable gear change light found in drag bike racing on the smart instrument pod.


For the spectator, the Yamaha V-Max Cruiser is a big and brawny beast. For the rider, however, it is not intimidating as it first appears to be. The seat is positioned low, even as it is a large bike. The riding position is an upright one. The bars can be easily reached. The bar could be heavy to some, but handling is easy as the weight is carried low. The controls can be reached easily. The feel can effortlessly reach the bike’s footpegs.


The Yamaha V-Max Cruiser is not an ideal bike for commuting. It cannot be used for touring either. However, many owners of this bike do both. The bike has no provision for luggage. Pillion space is also less. This Yamaha is not made for work. However, despite its weight, the bike is quite easy to ride. The addition of accessories like sissy bars and screens along with luggage means that the bike can eat up miles too.


The acceleration of Yamaha V-Max Cruiser can only be described as brutal. The V4 churns out a staggering 197bhp at about 9000rpm. It also generates a whopping 123 ft-lbs of throbbing torque. The addition of a low and long chassis blended with the fat rear tyre makes the VMAX squeal away from traffic lights. It is easy to control the power on this bike. The twin brakes are more than adequate to handle the bike.


The Yamaha V-Max Cruiser, despite such raw power, handles remarkably well. It is much better than any heavyweight comparable cruiser. The 52mm inverted and fully adjustable forks are made of quality components. The mono shock is fully adjustable. Both are held by the cast aluminium frame. It means that the bike is not only a stable and solid one but gives the rider a controlled and compliant ride. The bike can be easily steered through turns.

Riding a Yamaha V-Max Cruiser is not an economical proposition. The bike is a costly one. The miles per gallon is nothing to boast about. It can hover near the lower 30s if the machine is ridden hard. Consumables like the brake pads and the rear tyres can be an expensive proposition as well.

Yamaha V-Max Cruiser Review by We Want Your Motorbike

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