Don’t you sometimes wish you had a motorcycle that could be used both on and off the road? You can cruise the highways and, if you are feeling a bit adventurous, steer off it and go where the terrain takes you. For such adventure junkies, there’s no better bike than the dual-sport roadster, the Yamaha XT1200ZE Super Ténéré. The name Ténéré literally means wilderness and is derived from a region in the Sahara desert. Therefore, you know this is a bike that will definitely stoke your adventurous side. Take a look at what makes this bike a multi-terrain superbike.


The engine of the Super Ténéré is not only powerful but also provides a lot of flexibility while riding. 1199 CCs of the inline twin engine provide 82.4 kilowatts of power at 7,250 rpm. No matter on which terrain you’re cruising, the torque is about 117 Nm at 6000 rpm. Don’t worry about slippage and losing control because the Super Ténéré comes with the Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle, which prevents it from steering off-course. You can also control the speed and behavior of the motorcycle depending on the weather, road conditions, or simply your mood.


The Super Ténéré is built for riding on numerous terrains – some smooth, some wild. Therefore, Yamaha added a long-travel suspension to endure extreme conditions. Ground clearance is also quite high owing to its adventurous traits. Due to this, you may find it a bit difficult to place your feet firmly on the ground. The seat is adjustable but doesn’t offer much reprieve. On the positive side, the height of the windshield can be adjusted to suit your needs without any hassle.


The Yamaha’s USP is its flexibility and you can test this by managing its brakes. Here, the control of the bike is literally in your hands. You get to choose the braking mechanism as opposed to learning what the bike has to offer. Yamaha has rightly called it the ‘intelligent unified braking system’. The brakes are interlinked. Thus, when you apply the front brake lever, all others are applied simultaneously. If the mechanism is too complicated, use only the rear brake lever, which applies like a traditional braking system. The wave-cut disc brakes allow heat to dissipate faster, making the tires last longer. You also have an anti-lock braking system, which can be enabled and disabled easily. In addition, there are 84 ways of configuring the suspension, letting you adjust the bike to your comfort level.


This stylish sportster without any additional trims can be yours for £12,799. However, you can upgrade it a little by adding a tank bag and storage box that will come in handy when you are off on your adventure. You will have to shell out additional chips for these accessories but they’re extremely useful in the long run.

Final thoughts

Adventures are never planned. They happen by chance. In such cases, the Yamaha XT1200ZE Super Ténéré is a great companion that will take you along any path and offer a memorable riding experience. Therefore, whether you are an occasional roadie or a hardcore wanderer this is the bike for you.

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