Vehicles can easily become iconic when they star in films. The scope which designers have when creating pieces of machinery today is overwhelming and if you are able to couple a bold and beautiful design piece with a strong and memorable character, it would be a surprise if the end product wasn’t an iconic vehicle of some kind.

We’ve seen more than our fair share of iconic cars over the decades. From Derek Trotter’s once fluorescent three-wheeler to the range of vehicles found in the James Bond films, just about all of the bases have been covered. When it comes to motorbikes, however, we’re somewhat less well endowed.


Thankfully, the Moto-Terminator has changed all this. The Moto-Terminator is the soon to be iconic motorcycle which featured in the fourth instalment of the popular Terminator franchise. The motorcycle does not only feature a unique and impressive aesthetic design, but it features a distinct personality of its own too.

The Moto-Terminator is a rider-less machine, deployed to hunt down humans. In this action epic, it is the machines who are becoming the Terminator. What is particularly interesting about the bike is its agility. In the war torn, debris filled landscapes which are so common to all of the Terminator films it is about time that a vehicle with such agility was able to be put to good use.

The appearance of the Moto-Terminator is not dissimilar to the most recently seen Batcycle in the Batman films and another common denominator is Christian Bale playing the leading role.

In both films, the bike is able to add some depth and plausibility to the futuristic setting. The motorbike is seen not simply as a pleasure item, but as a real tool. Whether it’s used for good or evil is of no relevance to the motorcycle enthusiast. What it inspires in the lover of motorbikes is a pining for the future.

While there is no desire for the future of motorbikes to feature rider-less machines, the sturdy and powerful design of the Moto-Terminator is enough to excite any bike lover. The decision to include motorbikes, over cars, as iconic vehicles in blockbuster films can only mean good things for the biking world from now on.

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