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Looking to dispense with your motorcycle? Read our handy selling tips!

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Read our handy Motorcycle Selling Tips if you are looking to dispense with your motorcycle!

There are all kinds of reasons why you may wish to part with your motorbike, and our Motorcycle Selling Tips will help you speed up the process and maximise your price.

It may be a very practical reason, such as a growing family making it difficult for you to spare the cash for some of the more frivolous joys of your youth. Or it may be a slightly more inspirational reason, like the chance to upgrade your bike to the latest model.

What ever it may be, you’re probably wondering, what would we recommend here at for a rookie bike seller?

Failed to prepare? Then prepare to fail!

Getting your old pride and joy ready for a viewing by a potential new owner is absolutely vital – if any area of the motorbike appears worse for wear, the buyer will be much more tempted to haggle.

But if your motorbike looks showroom-new – which isn’t necessarily too difficult a look to achieve – you’re much more likely to get an offer for the full asking price straight away.

Remember that savvy buyers will scrutinise your bike’s performance and function just as much as its appearance, which is why you should conduct a mini service, ensuring that the oil, coolant, tyres, chain and electrics are all up to the appropriate standard.

Provide ample information about your motorbike

You’ve got so many options for advertising your used motorcycle these days – from traditional magazine classifieds to showing it off on Facebook or elsewhere online.

Whatever approach you take, you should provide enough true and accurate information to help any buyer make a quick decision on requesting a viewing. Find all of the service records, logbook, tax receipts and other documents that you need to answer any of the common questions that prospective buyers have.

Often, it’s the simplest things that make the difference between selling and not selling your bike. Is the title of the advert descriptive, with an emphasis on the attractive things about the bike? What about the photos – are they also of a great quality, rather than in grainy low resolution?

Money, money, money…

One of the obvious motorcycle selling tips is deciding on the right asking price, this is crucial – as well as notoriously difficult. Browse the classifieds for similar bikes to yours, and if you do price your bike slightly higher than the competition, provide a clear reason why – such as ‘low mileage’ – in the advert title.

So, that’s pretty much our complete cut-out-and-keep guide to selling your motorcycle… except for one thing. Here at, we couldn’t possibly fail to mention that we would be delighted to buy your motorcycle from you.

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5 Star Reviews

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5 Star Reviews

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