If you are a motorcyclist, then chances are that you certainly do not own a bike simply for its practicality. Yes, it can be a great way of getting you from A to B, but people really buy motorbikes because they love the thrill of riding one and find the overall ownership experience rewarding. It’s hardly surprising, then, that the process of selling a bike can be so fraught with emotion and stress for such a large proportion of people.

If you are one of these people and are looking to sell your bike, then you will naturally want to comply with all of the received wisdom when it comes to getting as much money as possible, as quickly as possible, from any sale.

Tips for a successful private motorbike sale

Those who wish to sell their motorcycle often turn first to the classifieds, booking an advert of their own. As it happens, even just writing the text for the advert is an art in itself, beginning with a title that is punchy and accentuates the good things about your bike. But of course, it also needs to be factual in addition to pre-empting any questions that a prospective buyer may have.

Some great photographs will also help immeasurably, with many of those adverts that lack photographs often being completely ignored even when they are large and prominent. A photograph, though, will show what your bike really looks like, so when you wish to sell your bike, you’ll need to ensure that you have prepared it well for the scrutiny of prospective buyers. That means that it’ll need to be cleaned, from top to bottom, to such an extent that every nook and cranny looks dazzling.

Preparing your bike well for sale suggests that you are a caring owner, which naturally indicates that the bike has been well looked-after and is in a good condition. However, we must also stress the importance of being realistic about the price that you charge, checking the classifieds to see what the going rate seems to be for models similar to yours.

Should you sell your bike to a company that buys bikes?

Yes, that’s right… as well as the usual assortment of private bike enthusiasts who may queue up to purchase your precious motorcycle, there are also many companies out there that say they’ll buy your bike, regardless of what your bike actually is. Really, all that you need to do with such companies is give them the details that allow them to value your bike, and once a price has been agreed, they will typically come and collect it and pay you the cash.

For many people who lack the time to go through all of the above steps in selling their bike, or who are simply anxious about the possibility of haggling or other aspects of the private sale process, companies like these are a godsend. You might even decide to sell your bike to one. However, if you do, you should make sure that the company that you choose is a reputable one that charges a fair market price and has a ‘no haggle’ policy.

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